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Many of us enjoy eating seafood, but sadly the pricing can be quite high. If you are a seafood lover and always burning a hole in your pocket after a seafood meal, I bring you good news!

You can enjoy FRESH SEAFOOD from as low as RM15 at Ocean Seafood Restaurant in Kota Kemuning!!! Isn't this just amazing?!

I can't wait to sink my teeth into the yummy seafood!

Started off with a pot of Braised Sea Cucumber & Mushroom (RM 18) served generously in a claypot of thick and starchy flavourful gravy.

Sizzling Scallops (RM 18). Fresh scallops, okra and petai served in belacan sauce - a very "Malaysian" dish, and the little anchovies on top were nice and crunchy.

Drunken Lala (RM 15). This was one my favourite! The aromatic wine in the soup, and juicy fresh lala - it's irresistible! I couldn't stop myself from drinking the soup.

Sizzling Grouper (RM 22). For someone who is not a fan of fish being fried or deep fried, I enjoyed this dish a lot. Crispy skin, moist and flaky meat coated with tangy and spicy sauce - what's not too like?!

Fresh prawns coated with tangy assam sauce, the Assam Prawn (RM 15) was very appetizing.

Tea-Infused Fried Chicken - Half Chicken (RM 18). The tea aroma was barely there; but on the upside, the chicken meat was succulent with crispy skin.

Stir Fried Celery with Squid (RM 15). Personally, I'm not a fan of celery (I really...really dislike them.... =_=||). However, the springy squid was really delicious!

Kai Lan Two Ways (RM 15). Compared to the roots that were being stir-fried with garlic, I'd prefer the leafy parts that were deep fried till crispy.

Finally, the main reason of us travelling all the way to Kota Kemuning - CRABS!!!! Yes! And not just any crabs, but the ones that come with roe!! ^_______^

I was doing the happy dance when I saw the crabs. *drooooooolingggg*

Since they were having a promotion** - every order of crab, you'll get RM 20 off on the second plate, we decided to have 2 orders of crab.

**The crab promotion is only applicable for crabs in M and XL size. 

Mud Crab with Roe in White Pepper and Lemongrass - M Size. The crab was fresh and the broth was aromatic. However, it gets a little bit too peppery at the end.

Mud Crab with Roe in XO Sauce - M size. The savoury flavours of the XO sauce was my personal favourite. I was having a good "finger-licking" time!

The portions at Ocean Seafood Restaurant are at the smaller side, but on the bright side, you get to order a few more dishes to try. If you are a seafood lover, the affordable pricing seafood at Ocean Seafood Restaurant would be a good choice for you. Oh ya,the pricing are nett - meaning no GST and service charge at the restaurant. One other thing, they ONLY accept payments in cash term (sorry peeps, no credit card).

Do make your reservation before dropping by to avoid any disappointment.

Apart from the sharing portion, they offer ala carte dishes such as udon, fried rice and many more. These are perfect if you are dining alone, especially during lunch hour.

Address: 2, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla 31/AF, Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam
Operation Hours: Monday to Sunday - 11am to 3pm (Lunch), 5pm to 10.30pm (Dinner)
Contact: +6016 245 1369

For more information on Ocean Seafood Restaurant, visit their Facebook.

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