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How much do you love your curry?  I was recently invited by The Butterfly Project for a food review at CoCo Ichibanya Curry House @ 1 Utama. Eating curry throughout the entire dinner? OH YEAH!! I was excited to try it out.

As the name suggested, it's a Japanese curry house and they have established for more than 30 years. They have more than 1,400 branches in Japan and in countries such as USA, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea and many more; and their very first Malaysia outlet is in 1 Utama.

In CoCo Ichibanya, patrons will be able to choose the amount of their rice, spiciness level of the cury, the toppings and if they want additional curry gravy. This place is perfect for everyone! No more worries if some of your family and friends can't take spicy food.
Beef Yakiniku Curry (RM 23)
Since they have few levels of spiciness, we started off with the Beef Yakiniku Curry (RM 23), which has the standard spiciness. The heat wasn't too strong and it's suitable if you have a moderate tolerance for spicy food. The beef was tender and the sweetness of the onions goes well with the aromatic curry.

Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry (RM 26)

Really can't take spicy food but in the mood for some Japanese curry? Go for the Level 1 Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry (RM 26). This is their signature dish and it's also one of their best seller. The pork cutlet was fried to perfection - crunchy batter and moist on the inside. The omelette added extra creaminess to the dish.
Wagyu Beef Steak Curry (RM 48)
If you have that extra money to spend, go for the Level 2 Wagyu Beef Steak Curry (RM 48). It's slightly spicier than Level 1- not too much difference actually. I'm a beef lover and I was looking forward to try their wagyu beef. IT WAS VERY TENDER!!!!!!! On the other hand, our piece of beef was slightly under-cooked, but I was ok with it since I like my meat to be bloody. =p

Creamed Mushroom Omelette Curry (RM 23)

The Level 3 Creamed Mushroom Omelette Curry (RM 23) would be a perfect if you fancy spicy food. This was one of my favourite dishes of the night. The creamy omelette was perfect and they were generous with the mushrooms. This is a dish that suits vegetarian too, since it doesn't contain any meat at all.
Grilled Squid with Mayonnaise Curry (RM 24)
I LOVE the Level 4 Grilled Squid with Mayonnaise Curry (RM 24). The squid was well-seasoned and grilled to perfection - it's tender yet with a chew to it. If you love spicy food like I do, this might be the choice for you. It's spicy and might be too spicy for some, so get ready a class of milk or water at the side.
You can always add on RM5 for additional curry sauce. Psst.. they have a Level 5 spiciness too!

Smoked Salmon Salad (RM 10)
If you are looking for something to cool down the heat, salad would be a good choice. We had the Smoked Salmon Salad (RM 10), which came in a generous portion and the smoked salmon was fresh.
Bacon and Pumpkin Salad (RM 8)
Bacon!!! Yep, it's another weakness of mine. You can't go wrong with bacon and the same goes to the Bacon and Pumpkin Salad (RM 8). The pumpkin has been cooked down till soft - including the skin, which is very rare. The sweetness of the pumpkin and the smokiness of the bacon paired perfectly with the crunchy and refreshing greens.
They have 2 dressing for the salad - Goma and Shoyu, and you can choose your preferred dressing to go with the salad.
Green Tea & Vanilla Ice Cream
It's not a complete meal without some dessert!

Lemon Tea (RM 8)
Most of the girls were having in smoothies and shakes, but I opted for the Lemon Tea (RM 8).

The drinks are averagely priced from RM 9 - RM 11.

Overall, it was a nice dinner and we enjoyed the dishes a lot at CoCo Ichibanya. We were told there are total of 7 levels of spiciness to choose from. Going for some curry challenge, maybe?

Coco Ichibanya Curry House
1 Utama, LG 333A, Lower Ground, New Wing

Contact: +603 7732 8937

For more information:
Website: http://www.ichibanya.co.jp/english/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Curry-House-CoCo-Ichibanya/53111657205


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