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The notion of "East Meets West" is very common nowadays, but what if I tell you there's a product that sells 10 bottles per minute worldwide?
Marysharon is a brainchild of a joint-venture between France (spearheading R&D and product formulation) and China (markets and conducts A&P via its Asian HQ based in Guangzhou). Marysharon has undergone 120,000 times of clinical tests and total of 8 patents. As if these are not enough, Marysharon has also clinched "The Most Potential Brand Award" in year 2014 and achieved 1,000 million RMB sales figure in the second half of 2014.
Marysharon aimed to fulfil the users' dreams of skin and beauty perfection at reasonable pricing. By having this in mind, the brand is living up to its business credo "A Queen's Pampering For Every One". In Malaysia, they have appointed SHILLS Sdn Bhd to develop, distribute and market their products:
  • Marysharon Spa Sleeping Mask
  • Marysharon Queen Radiance Eye Essence
  • Marysharon Queen Charcoal Cleansing Mask
  • Marysharon Collagen Hydrating Mask

Thanks to Marysharon, I got to try out their Queen Radiance Eye Essence!

After trying out the Queen Radiance Eye Essence, 5,000 Chinese female claimed:
  • Skin around their eyes were revitalized, hydrated and more smoother
  • Eye puffiness, lines and wrinkles has reduced
  • Dark circle has diminished after 2 weeks of continuous usage
98% of the females were satisfied with the effect of Marysharon Queen Radiance Eye Essence.

My Verdict?

The eye essence has a watery texture and you only need to pump the size of a pea to apply on both eyes. Gently pat and massage around the eye area using your ring finger, until the essence are fully absorbed. Use for both morning and night. Due to the light texture, it's very easy for the skin to absorb.

The packaging the simple and classy. I like that it came with a cap to cover the nozzle, as I felt this is more hygiene.

Used the eye essence for about 2 weeks and my dark circles have lightened up by a bit, though it's not obvious in the photo. I believe I'd see more visible results in weeks to come by continue using the eye essence daily. The essence felt really light on the skin and it doesn't leave a sticky feeling on the skin I like the mild cooling effect whenever I apply the essence.
If you are a fan of Hong Kong celebrity Cheung Chi Lam, then you really have to pay attention to this!
Marysharon has enlisted Hong Kong celebrity Cheung Chi Lam as a special guest to represent the brand at its official launching in Malaysia on the following day:
Date: 2nd August 2015
Time: 1:00PM
Venue: Berjaya Times Square
How to enter? Purchase any Marysharon's products worth RM200 and above to get a chance to meet the superstar himself during the meet fans session. You can visit Marysharon's Facebook page here for more details.
Hurry! First come first serve as they have limited tickets to be given out!!

The products are available at Watson, Sasa & Shills Beauty Houses.

For more information:

Website: https://www.facebook.com/marysharonmalaysia?fref=ts&ref=br_tf
Contact: +603 8062 2743 / +603 8062 2746

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  1. Seems like everyone grabbed the eye essence! Really like this product :)


    1. Me too~~~ I desperately need an eye product and this came in time ^_^

  2. I love how this product do the magic on our eyes.. :)


    1. Agree! I hope my dark eye circle will reduce further =)

  3. yeah its important to take care our eyes, nice review by the way :D


  4. your eyes really big and pretty, love that it really can remove dark eye circle

  5. Wow.... Your eyes does look brighten up. Great product.

  6. WOW! even the eye essence works well! I'll consider Mary Sharon if i start having dark eye circles :P