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French always gave me the impression of "delicate and elegant", and this is exactly how I felt towards Mon Chéri. Mon Chéri means "to love and be loved" in French, and they believe in being comfortable in your own skin and be confident being an unique individual.

Mon Chéri is passionate in accentuating timeless natural beauty and preserving the skin, and you can see this in their skincare. Thanks to Mon Chéri, I had the chance to try the Lightener and Tinted Sun Crème SPF 50PA+++.
1. Lightener 30ml (RM 160)
Lightener 30ml (RM 160)
The Lightener is a special designed lightweight formula which uses a synergistic combination of peptides, niacinamides, plant extracts and natural lactate. They have carefully chosen the ingredients that go into the Lightener and claims to
  • Tackle darkened skin complexion and irregularities in pigmentation
  • Improve photoaging marks
  • Control hyperpigmentation
Before I go any further, I really like the sweet and feminine packaging of the Lightener. It's so pretty!
Liking the heart-shaped design on the cap too! To pump out the product, just turn the cap anti-clockwise and turn it clockwise to lock the cap.

I always have the issues of having difficulties to use or pump out the final few drops of products from the bottles or not knowing how much products are left in the bottle, as most of the time the caps were not designed to be opened. >.<

The cap can be easily opened and it's very convenient for me to check the amount of products left in it.

The Lightener is cream base, so it might be slightly rich for some, so I would advise to apply a thin layer for a start and adjust the amount as you go. The floral scent is very feminine yet not too strong.

Compare to my left side, the scars on my right cheek has lightened up by a bit. Frankly, it's not very obvious but this is not a miracle cream so I don't expect to see much visible results within a month. I would probably need to observe for another 1 more month for the results.

2. Tinted Sun Crème SPF 50PA +++  30ml (RM 128)

Tinted Sun Crème SPF 50PA +++ 30ml (RM 128)

The tinted sun crème is enriched with marine algae. The sun crème maintains inner skin cell tissue as well as minimising pigmentation on uneven skin tone. Apart from protecting the skin against the harmful UV rays, it's able to maintain the moisture level of the skin to promote fresh and younger-looking skin.

Apply a generous amount of the sun crème at least 10 minutes before going outdoors. Again, I like the hint of floral scent in the sun crème and the velvety texture on my skin after applying the crème. Initially when I applied the sun crème, I was worry the cream would be too rich and make my skin oilier The cream might be on the rich side but it's still fine on my combination skin.

Before (L), After (R)
I felt my skin looks brighter with the sun crème, but the coverage was very light. I could still see the redness of my scars, and I still felt the need to apply another thin layer of foundation before going out. On the other hand, the sun crème doesn't leave a sticky sensation to the skin and I like this a lot.

Overall, in order to see any visible results, I believe I would have to continue using the products daily for at least another month.

Good news!! If you are interested to try out products from Mon Chéri, use the code "BeckyMC10" to get 10% discount when you make your purchase at Mon Chéri website here.

For more information:

Website: http://www.moncheriessentials.com

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  1. wow! I would like to use the code to try it out!

    1. Go go~~~ I heard d lip balm not bad also =)

  2. Wow, the packaging is so amazing! Glad to know that it worked for you. Would love to try these two :)