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Few weeks ago, I was invited to attend Muse by Watsons X CLIO Professional Tattoo Kill Brow blogger event. I'm sure many of you would have heard or even tried products from CLIO.

CLIO Cosmetics was established since 1993 by a makeup arties, and they opened their 1st flagship store in Seoul in 1998. Since then, they have distributed their products to over 1,000 cosmetic shops and megastores in both Korea and overseas market.

I was very excited for the event as I've heard many positive reviews on their products. I can't wait to get my hands trying on their new Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow!

During the event, we were given a small demo by their makeup artist on a very pretty model (Mia) using CLIO products.

Doesn't she looks gorgeous?!

It's time to try out the products! YAY~~~ ^_^

CLIO Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Cushion (RM 169.50/set)
The founwear cushion was my favourite! The texture is light yet it's able to give excellent coverage. I put on the foundation that day, and I love how it made my skin radiant and smooth. A small tip - go easy when pressing out the foundation. Layer them bit by bit and wait for a short while before putting on another layer, so you wouldn't over-apply the foundation. If it looks too white, wait for about 30 minutes for the colour to blend into your skin.

Product: CLIO Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Cushion
Price: RM169.50/set
Shades: Lingerie (Rose beige), Linen (Yellow beige), Ginger (Medium beige)
*Limited edition

CLIO Conte Powder Kit (RM 95.30)
A powder-type brow kit with fixing wax that keeps it lasting long.

Product: Kill Brow Conte Powder Kit
Price: RM 95.30
Shades: Sand Brown, Mocha Brown, Fixing Wax

CLIO Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow (RM 95.30)
The first 3 in 1 kill brow that can complete colouring, shaping and tattoo all at once. Eyebrow plays a very important role on how good you look, and female spend a lot of time making sure their eyebrow looks good. Since it's not really a majority favourite in getting a real eyebrow tattoos, CLIO came up with a solution - tinted tattoo!

Through tanning the skin, it gives a natural look in making the skin brown by reacting to amino acids in the skin just like sun tan. It's waterproof and sweat proof. With this, you can save time and looking presentable all the time with neat eyebrows. It's long lasting as if they were tattooed on.

I got mine in soft brown, which I think is perfect especially if you are a beginner in this. The colour is really light and natural. The product is super easy to use, and you can wipe it off easily if you are not satisfied with it.

The tattoo brow is in marker pen form.

  1. After cleansing the face, BEFORE skin care, draw your desired eyebrow shape along the eyebrow line.
  2. While sleeping (about 8 hours later), your eyebrows will look flawless even after cleansing and self-tanned.
  3. When you retouch your eyebrows for 2-3 days in a row, you are able to maintain the tattoo effect for a long time

The other end of the tattoo brow is a brow mascara. When applying, take an adequate amount on the brush and comb your eyebrows along their texture.

I like how natural looking the brown is. I'm thought I would need some time to get used to the product, but it turn out to be other way round. This was my first time using the tattoo brow and I was able to get it done very fast.

Product: CLIO Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow
Price: RM 95.30
Shades: Earth Brown, Soft Brown, Dark Brown

CLIO Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow was launched in Malaysia in 2015 and it's now one of the best seller item in MUSE by Watsons. With it being such a convenient and effective product, what are you waiting for?! Grab them at all MUSE by Watsons and selected Watsons Malaysia stores.

Once again, a huge thanks to The Butterfly Project for giving me the opportunity to attend the event. It was educational and I've learnt quite a few makeup tips that day!

For more information:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MusebyWatsons?fref=ts

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