[Beauty] Make Up Looks for Work

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Hi, ladies! Sorry I have been MIA from my blog for a looooooooong time. I got caught up with work stuff and just came back from my Melbourne trip. Anyway, I'm going to kick-start my "blogging engine" again, and am going to start off with  a beauty post!
Regardless your job requires you to face the computer the whole day or socializing with people, it's always important to have the "appropriate" make up look. It's crucial to remember the rules of dos and don'ts of make up, especially in a workplace. You want to look pretty and professional at the same time, so do not go all out or overboard with your make up.
Here are some tips for you:
1. Have a Desk Job?
If you have a desk job, a light and natural make up would be perfect. Apply some foundation, eyeliner, mascara and light coloured lipstick is all you need. If you think these are too boring, choose some light colours eye shadows such as brown or light pastel colours.
2. Always Meeting People?
If you are working the front line or socializing a lot, go for something more sophisticated. Red coloured lipstick is definitely a safe choice as it gives the impression of strong and confident in front of others.
Think red lipstick is too safe? A baby pink coloured lipstick might do the trick too! Apply some blusher or bronzer to highlight your facial features, but be careful and not go overboard with the blusher. If you are choosing a bold coloured lipstick, keep the other make up simple.
Try to avoid frosted or glittered lipstick, as they are more suitable for party or night outing. You wouldn't want to pass on the impression that you are a party girl.
Alternatively, you can opt for something simple such as lip gloss. With these simple guidelines, you will definitely look stunning at work without losing that professional charisma. Make up look for workplace doesn't need to be boring. All you need to do is keep it simple and don't go overboard with the colours on your face!

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