Curated Clothings: Trendiest Pieces at Affordable Price

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Looking for a new site to shop for beautiful clothing? Or you are looking for your Raya outfit? Let me introduce you to Curated Clothing.

It is a new start-up site where pieces are beautifully curated by three enthusiastic shopaholics from Malaysia, London and Chicago, who found each other over their love for Tumblr and clothes. So basically, you can find amazing and trendiest pieces from across the globe - no more boring wardrobe!

Their site offers many inspired pieces (Zara, Asos, NastyGal, Stylenanda, etc) and a lot of underrated designers from Korea, UK and US.

Although they only have 22 items to be offered at this moment, but the pieces on the site are really beautiful. They try to have weekly updates (as they have to work in 3 different time zones) and only share the trendiest pieces on the site, that can be purchased for an affordable price.

As of now, their clothes on the site are summer-themed (colourful outfit, yay!). It is time to stock up some bright colours and pretty floral prints. Among all of their items, I do have a few personal favourite:

Lip Kisses Dress (RM 55)
The lips design just look too cute! It's a perfect dress to go on a date.

Aztec Smocked Bralet (RM 48)

This is another trendy piece, and a versatile one too. You can either wear it just like that with a pair of skinny jeans for the sexy element, or wear an outerwear over it to create a different look.

Striped Asymmetrical Skirt (RM 48)
I love this skirt! It just looked so comfortable and fashionable - with the asymmetrical design.

Faux Snakeskin Blazer (RM 70)
Need something to pimp up your every day or office look but not going overboard? This blazer could be the answer. At the price of RM70 for a blazer, it think it really is a good value.

Apart from my picks, they have pieces that are short and light, with clean cuts; they also have a lot of crop tops too. Due to the pieces are sourced from around the world, it is a pre-order site - which means pieces are unlimited for orders, as long as they are still in demand. Also, please be patient and allow a duration of 2-3 weeks to receive your orders.

The site is very "manual" and does not have the cart-system. This is so that they can reduce cost, and donate 10% of their monthly revenue to charity - from pet shelters to soup kitchen. Shopping while doing charity? It sounds great!

So, how do you make a purchase?

If you are a new customer, register your details. Alternatively, you could login with your Facebook.

Once you have signed up, you can start browsing their site and choose the items you like:

Step 1: Choose your size
Step 2: Choose your preferred quantity
Step 3: Click on "Buy Now" once you have chosen the size and quantity

You'll be directed to the above page after you click "Buy Now". Just double check your items and quantity, to make sure they are correct. Also, cross check the country and state for the shipment are accurate.
Fill in and confirm your shipping details.
Choose your payment method, and click "Continue" once confirmed.

Click "Proceed" once directed to the page above, and you are practically done!

So, now you only have to kick back, relax and wait for your shipment to arrive at your doorstep. =)

If you have Tumblr, do follow them to keep track of their updates. Ladies, have fun shopping and be trendy!

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