Foodie Trip: Muar & Malacca

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My family and I went back to Muar about 2 weeks ago to pay respect to my late grandfather. Apart from having gathering with my best friends, the other thing I must do is to savour the food! I've recommended a few places in my previous post here and here. Check them out!

1. Ah Ngee 煮炒

They have been operating for over 40 years and my family and I have patronize the place (not too sure if you can called it a restaurant..) ever since we were young. The owners are acquaintances of my grandparents. If you are not a local, it might be a little bit challenging to locate the place, as they do not have a signboard. They actually converted the side of their house into an eatery.

The founder of the eatery. He's no more active in the kitchen, but his son has taken over the responsibility of preparing the food.

Mee Sua
The mee sua is a must order for us. Mee sua is a very thin variety of salted Chinese noodles made from wheat flour. It is a very simple dish, with only some pork, prawns and vegetables. The gravy is so flavourful that we'll always order double portion for this. Not a single drop of gravy will go do waste!

Omelette with Oysters
Another favourite dish of mine in Muar - Omelette with Oysters. Unlike the ones I get in PJ or KL, these are more starchy instead of crispy. You can request to have less starch if you find it is too much for your taste.

Stir Fried Fish Fillet with Ginger and Spring Onions
My brother like this dish a lot. The fish fillet were fried to crispy and stir fried with ginger, spring onions, carrots and some greens.

Braised Pork
A dish that's getting harder to find, especially when you are looking for a decent braised pork. The meat wasn't too dry, and was perfect to go with a bowl of white rice.
Stir Fried Vegetables
After we were done with brunch, my coffee craving started to kick in.
2. Heng Mui Kopitiam
A small and simple old school kopitiam (coffe shop). We were there early before the crowd started pouring in.

I particularly like these old school coffee shop. This is the kind of place to go, if you want some authentic local coffee - just a personal thought.

The Hainanese coffee and tea are superb - both were so aromatic!

Although we just had our brunch before this, but their kaya was so good that we just have to order 1 slice of toast. FYI, because the kaya is home-made and no preservatives, hence you can't keep them for too long.

3. Quan Wei Restaurant 全味亚参鱼

Assam Fish (RM 51.30)
Some of you might not like Muar's version of assam fish, as it is more soupy. The piping hot, spicy and sour soup is so appetizing and it's the perfect dish to start off your meal. The fish are fresh too. Compare to their original store at Parit Jawa (Restoran Chun Hui 全妃亞參魚(亞答屋), theirs are less spicier. However, you can always request to make it extra spicy. FYI, our fish was slightly expensive as we took a medium size red snapper.

Stir Fried Sotong with Pranws (RM 23)
The stir fried squid and prawns with dark soya sauce was another must-have for us too!

Pan Fried Squid (RM 20)
A simple but addictive dish. Squid pan fried to perfection and if you like some heat to it, just dip your squid into the spicy dark soya sauce.

Seafood Toufu (RM 10)
 The toufu were ok, smooth enough but wasn't my favourite dish of the night.

Sweet Potato Leaves (RM 6)
My favourite vegetable - if only it was stir fried with sambal belacan!

Fried Eggs (RM 4)
It looked like simple fried eggs, but the moment we broke open the egg - yolk came oozing out!

Our total dinner bill came to RM124.50 for 5 pax. Not too bad, since we ordered 3 seafood dishes.

Address: No 6, Jalan Perdana 12, Taman Junid Perdana, Jalan Abdul Rahman, 84000 Muar, Johor
Contact: +606 951 2788

On our first day back to Muar, we actually drove all the way to Malacca just to have their satay celup.

4. Kingtu Restaurant

It seems like Kingtu Restaurant started selling satay celup way before places like Capitol Satay Celup. It really is not easy to find the place, as the restaurant is located out of the town area.

We were there early (there was only 1 table before us), and we started to choose our favourites. ^_^

Since young, I'm never a fan of satay celup because I find the gravy nothing special. However, this pot of gravy changed my mind! The aromatic peanuts and slight sweetness of the gravy - was really nice. For the first time, I did not bother to hunt for soya sauce while having satay celup.


We took a few of the seafood - cockles, squids and prawns - and they were fresh.

I don't remember how many sticks we had that night, but with RM0.70/stick (some have multiple sticks on), our total bill was less than RM100 for 5 person. Compare to Capitol Satay Celup or others in the town area, they might not have too much varieties; but I prefer their gravy more.

Operating Hours:
Sun, Wed-Fri (7pm-12am)
Sat (7pm-1am)
Closed on Mon & Tue

Address: No 9, Jalan CU4, Taman Cheng Utama, Melaka 75250, Malacca
Contact: 012-606 8805 (Andy Lim)


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