Decanter @ PJ

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Last night, after a whole day hanging out in KLCC with my bf, we decided to come head back to PJ area for our dinner. As usual, we will always have to think where and what kind of food to feed our hungry stomach. Suddenly, my bf suggested a restaurant named 'Decanter'. I've never been to the restaurant and since it's kinda on our way back (it is located near seksyen 17), so we ended up at the restaurant.

When we arrived at the restaurant area, due to some construction going on nearby, the area looks a bit dark. If anyone of you knows where is the French restaurant is, Decanter is just located right behind it.

Decanter has the kind of cozy and family ambiance. It makes you feel comfortable and relax. The waitress and waitresses were very friendly too. Due to our hunger, we quickly decided to order a beef stroganoff (because they ran out of lamb curry), Indonesian fried rice (yes!!! It is fusion-kind-dinning-area) and half dozen of escargot for starter.

Escargot in creamy sauce with Garlic Bread
I was very excited to try out their escargot, since it has been centuries I've had one!!! So I was kinda disappointed when they serve the escargot. I was expeting 6 beaufully baked ecargot still intact in their shells, not 6 de-shell escargot cooked in creamy sauce. Hmmmm...... Apart from the tiny disappointment, the escargot was delicious. I love creamy sauce and gravy, but there are times they get too creamy and just turn me off after a few spoon of the dish. The sauce in Decanter suits me just nice. It is creamy enough that just keep you going for them!

As for the main dish of the night, my boyfriend ordered their beef stroganoff. It was served with white rice and frozen mixed vege by the side. Personally I never appreciate frozen peas and carrots. I like my side vegetables to be cooked fresh. Hence, I don't care much for the sides. However, it is a whole different story for their beef and gravy. The meat was tender and the gravy wasn't too heavy. Yummy!!!!!

I decided to go Asian and spicy for the night, hence I've tried out their Indonesian fried rice. You must be thinking "What?!! Having fried rice????!!!" Yes! HAHAHAHA!! As expected, their fried rice was spicy, and it gets spicier with every bites but not to the extend that a normal palettes can't handle. With that being said, I still wouldn't recommend to someone that have a weak palettes, as in diners that can't really handle spicy food. However, if you are someone that LOVE spicy food like give this a try!

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