Update and Review on Leptin Green Coffee

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In my previous post I've mentioned that I decided to try out on the Leptin Green Coffee 1000. So far, I'm already had 5-6 boxes of the coffee. It could be me personally, but I do not really see the results as mentioned in the internet. I'm not too sure is it because my diet or my body tends to absorb much slower than others.

However, one thing that the coffee works on me is that, it really suppress my appetite. I used to get hungry every 2-3 hours and must, I mean MUST have at least 4-5 meals a day!!!!!!!! Scary....I know!!!! This is the main factor that my body weight just went up and out of control!!! But after I start taking the coffee, I started cutting down on my food intake, and the frequency of me eating and getting hungry does really reduced. Before this, after having my lunch 1pm, I'll start to feel hungry about 3+pm and gets really hungry after awhile. Ever since I've started on the coffee, I'll only start to feel hungry about 4-ish pm /5 pm. Does this consider normal??? Hahahaahahaa!!!!!

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to share my thoughts after drinking the coffee. I've seen a lot of people researching on this product, and I've decided that I should at least have some contribution in it. In conclusion, no harm giving the coffee a try (after all, I think there are quite a few online vouchers selling them). It might not really helps you slim down, but I think it does help in suppressing your diet and appetite. After all, one of the main factor is slimming is to controlling your diet.

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