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Love is in the air~~oh oh oh~~ Love is in the air~~~

Once again, the time of the year where the air is fill with love and streets full of couples cuddling, holding hands, and whispering softly their love to each other. Last but not least, though not a big fan and kinda cliche, dozens of flowers in those pretty gals hand. ^^

Me and my boyfriend decided to bring forward our celebration few days before 14th February, since the actual day falls on a working day - Tuesday. We went to have nice buffet lunch at Zipangu Restaurant in Shangri-La Hotel. It has been quite some time since I've been there, and I was expecting some quality changes or price increment from them. Out of my expectations, they did not increase their price and still manage to maintain their quality after so many years.

Happily I went straight to the sashimi and oysters section, after all, they are 2 of my all time favourite!! One of the reason why I prefer Japanese buffet than the a la carte style - I can have unlimited serving of those fresh, thick-cut fish meat!!!! OMG.... if only Zipangu start serving salmon belly and sea urchin (that will be perfect...ohh la la~~~~~YUMMY). Might lead to increased price, BUT still... keeping my fingers cross and hopefully one day my wish will come true. HAHAHAHA!! Other than these cold dishes, they also serve excellent cooked food for patrons that tend to shy away from raw food - Unagi, Sukiyaki, Tempura, Tempanyaki and lotsss more!!! 

We were both extremely bloated with all the delicacies that we tried to fit into out stomach with limited space.... We need a nice walk!! So, we decided to have some window shopping at Pavillion since I need to grab some Hokkaido Cakes from Tokyo Street. Never thought I could have done window shopping WITHOUT buying a single stuff....hmmmm...... (should reward myself on that though... LOL)

Anyway..... many people will say is just another day for the restaurants, florists and shopping malls to make extra money! For me, everyday is a Valentine's Day if we are with the person we love and they love us back the way we deserve <3

So, last but not least.....

** Happy Valentine's and may all the lovers out there have a wonderful and romantic year **

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