Day out at Solaris Dutamas...

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Went to Solaris Dutamas today with my beloved boyfriend to hunt for lunch (the usual questions: where to eat and what to eat... =p). We ended up at their Publika food court, (of all places....I know you'll say that!!). Saw they have a newly opened (I think so...) fish head noodles, which supposingly to be the famous shop from Cheras.

Fresh Fish Noodles ^^

I LOVEEEE my fish head noodles to be milky and creamy!!! And, that's how they serve it! I've tried the so-called famous shop at Taman Desa, but still, I prefer this 'lil stall in Publika Solaris Dutamas. Personally, I think it is worth to make a trip there to try this out, and I'm pretty sure I'll be craving for this very soon again!

We were taking a walk inside the building and guess what... lion dance and performance!!! Due to the crowd I did not manage to snap a pic of the lion dance performance....BUT I did manage to take d pic of the performance and a long table of "yee sang".

Performance of chinese musical instruments

After a good walk and checking out the place for any new shops, naturally is COFFEE TIME!!!! Came across this little coffee stand (not quite sure what you call it) inside the grocery. It is called "The Plan B". I had a cuppa flat white and my boyfriend ordered an iced coffee (gosh...forget name of his coffee ><). It is a nice place for hanging out after all the grocery shopping, and the staffs are friendly. I was expecting the coffee to be pricey, after all, it is located inside solaris. But the price range is roughly about RM8-RM12 (kinda forget what's their most expensive coffee...). I like what they did with the little corner and the way their design the stall.

Friendly staff

Iced Coffee

Flat White ^^

Busy with his phone..hmmmmm

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