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Talk about obsession, what's yours? Shoes? Clothings? Or accessories? I'm kinda obsessed into one cute 'lil fella - Danbo!!! Been bringing that little guy around and taking pictures, be it at my house or office. For those of you that do not know what's danbo, please go google. Or alternatively...refer to the pic below (if you are too lazy to google ^^)


Danbo is cute!!! Aint he???? lol!!!

Thanks to my boyfriend that "introduce" me to danbo, and from that very day onwards (which was actually just last Sunday), I'm in love with this little cardboard man that always have that emo looks on this face!!! I'm still exploring with my boyfriend's danbo, while waiting for MINE to come and then......I'll come out with tons and tons of ideas to take this 'lil guy's pics!!!

Wonder would I get to bring "him" out this weekend and take some more pics or not.... *wink*

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