Tables of Joy @ Damansara Uptown, PJ: A Taste of Home

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Home-cooked meal is probably one of the many things that we missed, especially if you don't stay with your family. Many times we have the plans to prepare our own meals, but either we are too busy or tired from work. No matter you are longing for a home-cooked meal or want to take a break from all the cooking, Tables of Joy at Damansara Uptown is the place for you.

Located along the same row as Soft Serve in Damansara Uptown, Tables of Joy is family-owned restaurant that serves dishes prepared by the owner's mom herself.

Tables of Joy has simple interior yet the place is considerably spacious. With the concept of serving homey food, the owners insist of sourcing their own ingredients and preparing the food themselves as much as possible. Every morning, they will go to the market nearby to get the fresh produce they needed.

We had a short conversation with Joyce, the owner, and she shared with us that the dishes served at the restaurants are her mom's recipes.

Baked Stuffed Crab (RM 20/piece). Crab meat incorporated with white sauce, the Baked Stuffed Crab is flavourful, rich and creamy yet doesn't taste heavy at all. All of us enjoyed it a lot! The Baked Stuffed Crab is only available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.

Pork Curry (RM 25). The curry is aromatic, rich and not too spicy; while the pork slices are really tender. The Pork Curry very much reminded me of the curry my aunties always cook at home.

Signature Lamb Curry (RM 35). Still as rich and aromatic, but the lamb curry has deeper flavours to it.

Sambal Assam with Squid and Prawns (RM 30). For one, I'm really very particular with my seafood. It has to be fresh and cooked properly. The seafood at Tables of Joy are really fresh and can tell they are being prepared by someone who is experienced in cooking seafood. The sambal assam gravy has a mild acidity to it and not too spicy too. I guess they have tone-down the spiciness for the majority. If you love petai, you can add them to the dish by just topping up another RM 5.

Chicken in A Basket (RM 20). The spring chicken is so well-marinated and surprisingly tender and juicy! I was expecting the meat to be dry when I saw it's a spring chicken, but how wrong could I have been. This is definitely one of the dishes that I'll reorder when I'm back at the restaurant next round.

Four-Angled Beans with Sambal Udang Kering (RM 15). OK, you will be seeing a chili sign next to the dish, but it is not spicy. The crunchy beans and dried shrimp goes so well together!

Steamed Okra with Crispy Garlic (RM 12). The steamed okra is really a very simple dish, but is definitely a homey food that will make you want more of this.

Cendol (RM 6). I LOVE the gula melaka in it! The sweetness of the smoky caramel- and toffee-edge gula melaka is perfectly balance-out by the coconut milk.

Sago Gula Melaka (RM 6). The sago is perfect - soft and chewy, and the combination of gula melaka and coconut milk is just perfect.

Barley - Hot (RM 3).

Tables of Joy has certainly live up to their promise in serving home-cooked food. The food might not have the prettiest plating or the most creative combination, but each and every plate will definitely reminds you of home. Regardless you are missing your family's cooking or want to give your mom a break in cooking; Tables of Joy is the perfect place to go.

To know more updates about Tables of Joy, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Address: No.13, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operation Hours: 11am to 3pm (Lunch), 6pm to 10pm (Dinner) DAILY
Contact: +603 7710 0388

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