NutriBrownRice: Smooth and Yummy Instant Brown Rice Drink!

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Eating healthy can sometimes be a hassle, especially when you are rushing for time and needed something fast and healthy at the same time. If you are constantly on the go, Nutri Brown Rice might just be what you need.

Brown rice's health benefits have been known for many years and are strongly recommended by dieticians and nutritionists as an excellent source of all-round nutrition. There are 5 wonders of brown rice - lower blood cholesterol, promote healthy blood pressure, protect heart, improve digestive system, and help in weight control.

To ensure everybody will get the nutrients they needed without having to spending too much time, Abrand Food has created Nutri Brown Rice, an instant brown rice drink creating an alternative method of consuming power-packed brown rice in a smooth and yummy way.
There are 6 flagship flavours to choose from.

1. Original

2. Original Flavour (No Sugar Added)

3. Oat (with Soy Lecithin)

4. Honey Flavour

5. Chocolate

The packaging is very user-friendly, with a cut-out to close the box and with clear illustration of graphics on the instructions in making the drink.

I was expecting to see bits and pieces of oats, but it turned out to be in fine powdery form.

Once added with water, it turns into a thick and creamy oat drink with a little bit of textures. Some of the oat drinks in the market can be too sweet to compensate the flavours, but the sweetness of NutriBrownRice is just nice. I tried the chocolate flavour and it has very subtle hint of sweetness. 

A glass of this can really keep me full till my next meal, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who are into hassle-free and healthy lifestyle. Oh ya, NutriBrownRice is halal too!

You can get Nutri Brown Rice major hypermarket such as AEON, Giant, Cold Storage, and Mercato.

To know more about NutriBrownRice, check out their Website and Facebook.

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