Pot Temptation Seafood @ Cheras: Enjoy the Fun of Eating Steamboat with Fresh Seafood

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Do you enjoy eating steamboat? I like eating steamboat a lot. The fun with steamboat is you get to cook all your favourite ingredients in a pot of delicious soup! My go-to steamboat is usually Sichuan spicy hot pot (well.... I do love spicy good), and recently I paid a visit to a new steamboat restaurant at Cheras - Pot Temptation Seafood.

Pot Temptation Seafood is located in Cheras and if you love having seafood for steamboat, then you definitely wouldn't want to miss out this steamboat restaurant.

The interior is what you would have expected from a Chinese steamboat restaurant - simple round tables with plastic chairs.

Korean Kimchi Soup (RM 32/pot). Nothing beats that hint of spiciness in a steamboat, especially when it's kimchi soup - not too spicy yet very appetizing. At first glance, many might be shocked with the price, but the pot itself comes with generous amount of pork slices and enoki mushrooms. The Korean Kimchi Soup is my personal favourite.

Enoki Winter Melon Soup (RM 19.80/pot). After constant boiling in the pot, you could taste the sweetness of the winter melon and Chinese cabbage. To make this pot even better, it is packed with enoki mushrooms!! If you prefer something lighter and non-spicy, this Enoki Winter Melon Soup is the one to go to.

Salt & Pepper Squid (RM 18). While waiting for the pot to boil, a plate of toothsome fried squid seems to be a good idea.

Pot Temptation Seafood has recently introduced 2 new steamboat set, and we tried the Set B (RM 52.80) for 2 pax. There are quite a variety of ingredients in the set.

The set comes with: Sliced Iberico Belly, Feng Cheng Dumplings, Sea Prawns,, Hanging Tablets Pork Ball, Egg, HK Beancurd Skin Roll, Ee Fu Noodle, Beancurd, Homemade Wanton, Seasonal Vegetables, Scallops, and Blackhead Fish.

HK Beancurd Skin Roll. Thin and crunchy, the beancurd skin roll is really addictive to have.

In conjunction to their new opening, Pot Temptation Steamboat is currently having a special promo. With every Steamboat Set A or B ordered, you get to enjoy a whole Boston Lobster at RM 70 ONLY!!! This is really a super deal, don't you agree?

Homemade Pork Meatballs (RM 8). Whenever having steamboat, meatballs are one of the must haves, especially if they are homemade meatballs like the ones at Pot Temptation Seafood.

Homemade Cuttlefish Ball (RM 11.80). Cuttlefish balls are my favourite, apart from pork meatballs. These springy babies are simply delicious.

Homemade Shrimp Ball (RM 14.80). Another plate of springy meatballs that are too good to miss.

Sliced Giant Grouper. Another business of Pot Temptation Seafood is dealing with seafood, so you can be sure the seafood options at the restaurant are really fresh.

Mushroom. Mushrooms are must haves when it comes to steamboat. I love the additional earthy flavours they gave to the soup.

Vegetables and greens are good add-ons to all the meat and seafood choices.

Steamed Jade Perch. On top of their Boston Lobster promo, you get to enjoy a plate of freshly steamed fish for FREE when you dine in with 2 other friends!

Bottled Herbal Drinks. These homemade herbal drinks are perfect to have after a meal of hot steamboat.

Overall, I'd must say the ingredients at Pot Temptation Seafood are really fresh and they have invested a lot of effort in making sure the quality of their ingredients. Furthermore, they have quite a few interesting steamboats soup too, for example Hot Drunkin Clams Soup, Pork Bone with Tomato Soup, Coriander Preserved Egg Soup and many more. Next to the restaurant is where they display their live seafood. You can either choose your favourite seafood from there to add into your steamboat, or buy it and prepare delicious meals at home.

To know more about Pot Temptation Seafood, check out their Facebook.

Address: No.9, Jalan Damai Perdana 6/1B, Bandar Damai Perdana, 56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Operation Hours: 11am to 2.30pm (Lunch), 5.30pm to 11pm (Dinner) DAILY
Contact: +603 9107 9374

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