Ru Di Fook @ Kota Damansara: Creative Desserts for the Dessert Lovers

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Some of you might heard of the name Ru Di Fook at Kota Damansara, but some of you might not. Ru Di Fook is a noodle bar that serves noodles in creative way. Earlier this year I paid Ru Di Fook a visit when they first opened, and was quite of their noodles. Over the past few months, they have expanded their menu and are now serving rice dishes, yakitori and a list of interesting & creative desserts.

But first, let us take a look at some of the special dishes that Ru Di Fook has recently introduced, in conjunction with our National Day.

Mee Lemak (RM 21.80). I've eating countless nasi lemak but this is my first time trying Mee Lemak. According to the chef, this dish was inspired nasi lemak. The gravy is really thick and aromatic, and not too spicy. Tired of having nasi lemak? Let's try something new today with the Mee Lemak at Ru Di Fook then!

Gulu Pork Katsu Mee (RM 19.80). Traditionally, sweet and sour pork is used to pair with white rice. The sweet and sour gravy is very appetizing and paired exceptionally well with the deep fried pork cutlet.

Sarsi Lemon Chicken Rice (RM 23.80). The acidity of the lemon nicely balanced out by the sweetness of Sarsi, and the portion is generous enough to fill you up. However, I do find the flavours to be a bit heavy towards the end. Personally, I felt the dish could use a bit of heat or a tad more acid to brighten it up.

Among all 3 of these new dishes at Ru Di Fook, my personal favourite is the Mee Lemak and Gulu Pork Katsu Mee. Apart from these dishes, they have many more noodles dishes that are both equally delicious and interesting. If you are a fan of noodles, you might want to drop by Ru Di Fook and give their dishes a try.

Next, is time for desserts! Same as their main dishes, Ru Di Fook is constantly coming up new ideas and creating new interesting desserts.

RDF Papaya Peach Gum Muesli (RM 14.80). Few of the reasons why people shy away from desserts are either they are too sweet or too fattening.

However, with this bowl full of papaya, white fungus, goji berries and peach gum, you can eat all you want. Also, do you know that peach gum is said to be rich in collagen for beautiful skin? Ladies, you definitely DO NOT want to miss out this dessert!! The RDF Papaya Peach Gum Muesli is only available for a limited time only.

Lucky 909 (RM 12.80). If papaya and milk is not your cup of tea, here goes another one - chilled herbal jelly with osmanthus jelly and goji berries. Unlike many desserts, the Lucky 909 has a mild bitterness to it, but you can always add some sugar syrup served at the side to sweeten it up to your liking.

Tim Mak Mak (RM 12.80). If you have been following my blog, you would have noticed I've mentioned this dessert in my previous post. This time round, Ru Di Fook made some slight changes and I like to call this Tim Mak Mak version 2! The soy custard is still as soft and creamy and like that the barley still has some bite to it. Instead of using quail egg, they now replaced it with chicken egg, as some of their customers are concern over the cholesterol level in quail eggs.

Horlick Banana Crumble (RM 20.80). Horlick is one of the many childhood memories, and I remember I used to love eating Horlick candies when I was younger. Compared to the other 2 desserts, this is on the sweeter side but it is a nice dessert to have and to share.

Milo Pie (RM 20.80). When I was younger I loved to make myself a cup of milo with a thick layer of milo powder floating on the top of my drink. This Milo Pie reminds a lot of that drink I used to make.

RED (RM 16.80). A very unique twist of the traditional affogato. Instead of the Vanilla ice cream, Ru Di Fook uses Hawthorn ice cream, which I thought it is not as sweet as your usual ice cream. Curious to know how it actually tastes like? Go try it out at Ru Di Fook!

From mains to desserts, Ru Di Fook has never once disappoint me with their creativity and the quality of the food. No matter if you are looking to have a nice mains or satisfy your dessert cravings, Ru Di Fook is a nice place to be. Oh, their coffee is highly recommended too!

To know more updates on Ru Di Fook Noodle Bar, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Address: 2, Jalan PJU 5/4, Dataran Sunway, 47810 Kota Damansara, Selangor
Operation Hours: 12pm to 11pm DAILY
Contact: +603 7496 7103

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