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Some time ago, I was invited by Felda Wellness (FWC) to the NEUTRAX event at Publika. I'm sure by now; many of you have come across advertisement on "NEUTRAX". So, what is NEUTRAX? It is a Cultured Coconut Extract (CCE), and a natural wonder with no chemicals substances that can be consumed and apply on the skin, hair and nails.
What's the difference between Cultured Coconut Extract (CCE) and Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)?
Compared to VCO, which was produced from normal cold-pressed technique; CCE is produced from induced fermentation. It is rich in Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), Lauric Acid and naturally occurring bioactives called Bio-Lipopeptide.
What makes NEUTRAX so special?
  1. Contains large proportion of Lauric Acid compared to VCO - improve energy levels, boost immunity, regulate hormones, stabilize sugar levels and boost cellular healing process.
  2. ONLY CCE has Bio-Lipopeptide - a remarkable molecule that plays a role in delivering effective therapeutic effects.

There are 2 NEUTRAX products that are currently available in the market - NEUTRAX Original and NEUTRAX Therapy Oil. I'll talk about them individually and my personal thoughts after trying it out for a month.

1. NEUTRAX Original

Neutrax Original (RM 69.90)
NEUTRAX Original is a Cultured Coconut Extract which you have to consume on a daily basis. 2 tablespoons a day and you can consume on its own or mixed with food and beverages. There are 5 benefits of NEUTRAX Original, which that called it "The 5A Benefits":
  1. Anti Microbial - Kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeast
  2. Anti Oxidant - Protects body from harmful free radicals and oxidation
  3. Anti-Inflammatory - Reduces inflammation and swelling
  4. Active Immunity - Enhances life span and cell growth in human body
  5. Active Lipid - Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCTs) lowers cholesterol and prevents lipid oxidant.
Despite it being an oil, it's also suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mother.
NEUTRAX Original works in 3 stages - Cleansing, Restoring and Balancing:
Source: http://neutrax.com.my/why-neutrax
My Verdict?
I must admit that I had a hard time consuming the oil. It wasn't because of the taste - it's tasteless; but is mainly because of the texture. Just imagine you are drinking oil, with a hint of coconut fragrant. That's how NEUTRAX Original tasted like.
Despite of the texture, I did notice some changes since I've started consuming NEUTRAX Original. I have some slight bowel issues, but it seems to improve a lot ever since I've started taking NEUTRAX Original. I'm starting to make regular visits to the washroom, compared to before. Some of the people I know also commented that their hormonal issues have improved a lot after taking NEUTRAX Original.
The healing process symptoms may vary from one person to another, and don't forget to increase your water intake during the first few days of consuming NEUTRAX Original.
2. NEUTRAX Therapy Oil
Neutrax Therapy Oil (RM 59.90)
NEUTRAX Therapy Oil is suitable for Eczema, scars, uneven skin tones, aging skin, and dry & sensitive skin. Apart from the skin, the therapy oil can be applied on the hair and nails too. There are also the 5A Benefits in the Neutrax Therapy Oil:
  1. Active Protect - Protect skin against pollution and environmental stress
  2. Active Control - Regulates and corrects sebum production - control acne, pigmentation and irritate skin
  3. Active Nutrition - Deeply nourishes and moisturizes dermis for healthy and glowing skin
  4. Active Healing - Promotes healing for burns and scars, cell renewal and restoration
  5. Anti-Aging - Reverses the aging process and induces cell regeneration
My Verdict?
I like the scent of the therapy oil. It has a sweet coconut scent, but not over-powering. I was quite worry that my skin will be very oily after applying it, but it turned out to be just fine. The oil get absorbed pretty fast, and it left my skin with a healthy-glow.
I'm not too sure if you can notice the difference from the photo above, but my left hand is more moisturized and has a glow compared to my right hand.
Since my mom has really dry skin, I also tested the therapy oil on her.
After applying the therapy oil, the left hand definitely was more moisturized and has less wrinkles on it.
Overall, NEUTRAX has been delivered what its promise and I like both the products a lot!
For more information about NEUTRAX:
Careline: 1-800-222-FWC (392)

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