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About a week ago, I was invited to esmé Clinic at Jaya One to try out their Carbon Black Laser Facial Treatment. esmé Clinic is a center for beauty and cosmetic surgery consultancy, and they are committed in providing quality, state-of-the-art care while assisting their customers to achieve their desired goals.
What's Carbon Blast Laser Facial Treatment?
It's a therapy that combines laser and carbon ion powder to effectively:
  1. Brighten up the skin
  2. Reduce open pores and pigmentations
  3. Smooth out fine wrinkles and expression lines
  4. Stimulate the regeneration of the collagen fiber of the skin

I'm sure many of you will be worried when seeing the word "laser", but it's a perfectly fine procedure and you don't really feel the pain during the whole process. In fact, the effect is 12 times more than the common laser machines and also avoids the blain and scar after laser treatment.
Some further information on how this treatment work.
Carbon Blast Technique
Carbon Blast Steps
The staffs were super friendly (they are very willing to answer your queries) and I especially like the waiting area of the clinic.
Don't the sofas just look very comfortable?
I like the robe too! It was super soft and CUTE, really comfortable.
Just like any other facial treatment, they cleansed my face before starting the procedure. A note on their foam cleanser, I was informed that it's suitable for people did any surgical procedure too.
My no-makeup face - it's really bad!

We had a little fun with the carbon powder. Maybe I should go for a minion drawing instead? =)

You'll hear some crackling sound when the laser starts hitting the carbon powder, but you won't feel the pain. However, you can always let your consultant know if you are feeling any uncomfortable sensation on the skin and they will turn down the laser for you; and the crackling sounds do bother you I believe they'll provide you with some ear plug or something  similar to cancel out the noise.
Personally, I really enjoyed the process and when the laser hit the carbon powder, it smelled like BBQ to me. LOL!
A short clip of how the procedure looked like:
How is the "After" effect?

(Right) Before

(Left) Before
(Left) After
Judging from the photos, there were not much differences on my skin condition, but I think the redness on my skin has lighten by a little. On the 2nd day, I can see my skin condition has improve a lot - my pores were not as big and my skin felt smoother.
(I'm sorry for organizing my photos weirdly. I tried to patch them but can't seems to do so =_=)
After my treatment, my friend (Sin Yee) and I had the opportunity to meet up with their doctor - Dr. Sivah A/L Sandrasakre, who did his undergraduate studies in MBBS Melaka Manipal Medical College (Manipal, India); and obtain his master degree in UCSI Malaysia in Master in Science (Anti-aging, Regenerative Medicine and Medical Aesthetic). He was very friendly and answered all of our questions with patience.

During the consultation, Dr. Sivah also explained to us on "Filler" and "Botulinum Toxin A/BTA (Botox)".

What is "Filler"?

Fillers are materials injected under the skin to achieve the goal of rejuvenation. I'm very many of you will be quite familiar with filler, which is to fill up hollowness and diminish wrinkles and folds on the face. Over the years, this procedure has been very popular and became an important non-surgical technique for facial rejuvenation since it's a non-invasive way to "fight against" the earliest sign of anti-aging. On top of that, it's also a fast procedure compare to a surgery. A more popular choice for the filler is "Hyaluronic Acid" - a natural component in the skin and other tissues in the body. Hence, it's a very safe procedure.

To inject the filler, local or regional anaesthesia will be applied. However, the newer generation of fillers have already local anaesthesia incorporated in it and this further reduces any pain and discomfort experienced by the patients. The patients can go back immediately after the procedure and only need to go back for a review by the doctor after 1-2 weeks. Since it a small procedure, most patients will be able to go back immediately after filler injection. However, there might be times they'll have bruises but this will subside after a few days.

The fillers can be used for nasolabial folds, frown lines, lip enhancement, skin irregularities as such acne scars, nasal deformities, and other areas that need sculpting.

What is Botulinum Toxin A/BTA (Botox)?

The term "Botox" is very familiar among many of us, and it tend to have some negative reputation.

In the early days, Botox was used to facial wrinkles and it soon became the most popular and commonly performed non-surgical aesthetic procedures worldwide. Botox or BTA is a powerful agent that blocks the actions of the mimetic muscle of facial expression, whereby the pulling action of the muscle of facial skin is reduced and this diminishes the dynamic wrinkles on the face.

Botox/BTA is mainly apply on the forehead and around the eyes as well as certain part of the face for wrinkle reduction purposes. Apart from this, selective use of Botox/BTA can also reduce the size of the face muscle, thus altering the facial contour. Looking to have a more oval shape face? Other clinical use of this also include facial nerve disorders, upper eyelid asymmetry and excessive sweating in the armpit and palm. It is also effective in treating platysma bands in the neck.

Same as the Filler procedure, injection of Botox/BTA is relatively painless and there's no recovery time. The effects are reversible within an acceptable period of time and complications are generally rare and self-timing. The effective period is usually 3-6 months.

What Other Procedures They Have?
esmé Clinic provides various services and treatment too:
Treatment Nam: Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment
Normal Price: RM 720
You can now enjoy a first trial at RM 149 by purchasing the deal from MilkADeal here.
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esmé Clinic
No. 65-1, Block D, Jaya One,
No.72a, Jalan University,
46200 Petaling Jaya. 
Contact: +603 7955 1491
For more information:

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