Juan Valdez Cafe @ The Intermark

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Hey peeps! I'm back with another coffee/café post. Heard of Juan Valdez? They are another new player in the KL café scene too, and opened their very first Malaysian branch in The Intermark. They are here to bring us the 100% Colombian coffee experience.

 4 types of coffee beans are being offered here:
  • Huila - medium/high acidity, medium body, soft and clean note
  • Cauca - pronounced aroma, medium body, silky sensation and sweet fruity note
  • Santander - pronounced and precise aroma, silky sensation and sweet fruity note
  • Antioquia - intense aroma, medium body, herbal and fruity characteristic
Instead of the usual, you can choose to have your coffee brewed using siphon, French press, chemex or dripper v60.

The staffs were really patient in explaining each of the coffee beans, and recommending the ones that we might like. Yvonne and I chose to have the Cauca using siphon. While preparing our coffee, the barista explained that the siphon was invented in Germany. Also, when the beans are fresh, it will bubble and "froth" when mixed with hot water.

It has a distinct taste of coffee, yet not too strong. We were told that the siphon could produce approximately 3 cups of coffee, but I felt we have more than 3 cups end of the day.


Initially, Joe wanted to try the Santander but they have ran out of stock. Instead, he had the Antioquia using the French press. Personally, I felt that compare to siphon, the coffee is smoother but the taste is milder at the same time too. They have milk-based coffee such as latte, if that's what you preferred.

Ice Chocolate
If you are not a coffee lover, they have non-coffee beverages too. It is aromatic and not too sweet for my taste. However, if you have a sweet tooth, this might not be your favourite.

Carrot Cake
Not the best carrot cake I've had though, but still not a bad choice to pair it with the coffee. The sweetness balanced out the hint of bitterness in the coffee.

Just when we thought we could have any more coffee, the owner was kind enough to offer us a complimentary beverage - Granizado. It is ice blended coffee with milk powder, and it's a South American traditional crushed-ice beverage. It was delicious! I finished the entire cup, and guess what, I had trouble falling asleep middle of the night (by the time we left, it was already past 7:30PM)!

Apart from coffee and cakes, they serve food such as salad, wraps and many more. So, it's not just a café. Also, they have some merchandise and coffee beans for sale in the café too.

Ground Floor, The Intermark Mall,
348, Jalan Tun Razak,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If driving all the way there is too troublesome, there's an LRT station just right opposite! Stop at Ampang Park station, cross the sky bridge to reach The Intermark Mall. Easy peasy! ^_^


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