ZA Autumn/Winter 2014

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I'm sure the name "ZA" is very familiar to you, and I was lucky to be invited to their Autumn/Winter 2014 launch.

The launch was held at TGV Indulge One Utama in the month of July (I know...been sitting on this for too long >.<). The seat in TGV Indulge was so comfy, and a soft blanket was prepared for us of each to get us eve more comfortable in our seat. If you have yet been there, you really should.
During the launch, we were introduce to a new addition to their "Perfect Solution" range - Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum.

A high-performance whitening beauty essence developed based on the Asian women's skin. It is a whitening and anti-aging essence for a youthful, fair skin that is full of resilience.

*ZA Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum
  Price: RM 59.90
  Available: September 2014

Apart from the skin care, ZA is also known for their "technique free and high-effect" makeup characteristics. With the launch, they've unveil 2 latest addition - ZA Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation and  ZA Gel Eyeliner.

*ZA Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation
  Price: RM 37.90
  Available: October 2014

*ZA Gel Eyeliner
  Price: RM 26.90
  Available: October 2014

ZA has been providing unique and quality products to the Asian market, and this year, they decided is time to step-up their game. Simple and sophisticated, the all-new ZA Men skin care targets to solve every Asian man's skin concern.
The ZA Men is a simple step-by-step skin care that targets 3 main concerns of the Asian men - oily, dry and fatigue skin. The ZA Men line consists of:
  1. Ultimate Recharge Deep Cleansing Scrub (100g) - RM 16.90
  2. Ultimate Matte Purifying Oil Control Cleanser (100g) - RM 16.90
  3. Ultimate Moist Deep Cleansing Gel (100g) - RM 16.90
  4. Ultimate Recharge Energizing Gel Moisturizer (50g) - RM 26.90
  5. Ultimate Matte Purifying Oil Control Gel (50g) - RM 26.90
*ZA Men
  Available: October 2014
 Want to know more? Check out here for further review!

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