Komugi @ Paradigm Mall

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Cakes and coffee - one of those things that I could not live without. I've been to Komugi branch in Pavillion (before the name was changed to "Komugi"). I did not try their cakes and/or pastries during my first visit.

I like the concept of the branch's open concept. It is bright and welcoming.

Their menu - which they change from time to time.

Hanjuku Cheese

Hanjuku Cheese
Hanjuku means half-boiled. Hence, you can expect the cake to be moist in the middle. The cake is cheesy (yummeh!!) and really moist. Though it is small in size, but the portion is just nice, so you don't feel its too heavy at the end.

Green Tea Namachoco Sand

Green Tea Namachoco Sand
There are 2 flavours of the namachoco - Green Tea and Chocolate. Namachoco is a ganache, a mealty cream chocolate. The cake was soft and moist and the chocolate was not too sweet. It has the pleasant bitterness that green tea normally has. I really dislike chocolates that are overly-sweet - still prefer them to be bitter or bitter-sweet.

With cakes, of course you'll need to have coffee to go with it. The coffee in Komugi has nothing much to shout about, but is a ok coffee.
** The shop is located at Ground Floor, nearby Giordano and Italiannies.

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