Basil Thai Nudle Bar @ Bangsar Village

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When it comes to Thai food, I could hardly say "No" to it. So, when my mom suggested to try out Basil Thai Nudle Bar at Bangsar Village, I was so excited. P/s: I have yet to try out this Thai restaurant.

Pineapple Fried Rice
The pineapple fried rice was not too bad. The rice was flavourful (though some might say it doesn't have enough pineapples in it), and the cashews added the nutty flavours to the rice - which I always love!

Clear Tomyum Soup
The tomyum soup was ok, flavour wise. It was really spicy, and I totally love the spiciness in it! 

Some condiments to go with the food - if you think it is not spicy enough. I would recommend to add some chili paste into the fried rice - spice it up a little to keep your appetite going!

Sticky Mango Rice with Coconut Milk
Not the best sticky mango rice that I've had. Personally, I think it doesn't have enough of sweetness to it. It's always satisfying to have something sweet after having some spicy food for a meal.
G10, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Village

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