Melbourne Peking Duck at Bangsar, Jalan Telawi

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Eversince I have Peking duck in Dynasty Hotel many year ago, I've been searching for places that could prepare delicious Peking duck. Unfortunately, many of them have failed - either they have sliced the skin too thick (you can even see the meat sticking to the skin), or the duck skin wasn't crispy enough. I was introduce to Melbourne Peking Duck in Bangsar by my mom. She's working in one of the law firm near the restaurant, and has suggested that we should go try it out - since she's heard quite a few good reviews for the restaurant. I think I've found my duck, as far as I'm concern.^^

It was located in Jalan Telawi 3 (address at bottom of the post), right above a vegetarian restaurant named Nature's Vegetarian. I like all the "Quacks" on the staircase - cute!

Apart from their ala carte, they have 2 options of set menu:
We've decided to order their Set 2 (as there were 6 of us), and add on some other dishes from their menu. While waiting for our food, we were served with acar-acar a.k.a pickled vegetables. The acar-acar was not too bad, though I would prefer them to be a bit more spicy. However, the vegetables had a nice crunch to it.
The food was served quite fast, even though it was during the peak dinner hour.
We have some spring onions, cucumbers and sweet sauce to with with the duck wrap. Next, here comes our main dish of the night - whole Peking duck! I always like it when they slice up the skin table-side.
2 choices for you to choose - with a little bit of meat or just the crispy skin!
 Crispy skin with a little bit of meat
Crispy Duck Skin ^_^
We had requested the waitress to save us both the drumstick, and you know what....they were soooooo juicy!
P/s: sorry for not putting up the wrapped duck skin - the qualities of the photos were too bad ='(
Along with the set, it came with a fried rice too. The rice was fried with the remaining meat that was on the duck earlier on. It was delicious and it has the fragrance of the duck in the rice.
Just in case the dishes were not enough to feed 6 people, we've order some other dishes too:
Fried Thai Style Seafood Toufu
Frankly, I couldn't care much about the toufu. Personally, it felt it was just so-so and nothing special about it.
Fried Koay Tiau
Another dish that did not leave any big impact on me. It was not too bad, but was a bit too oily for my liking. Plus, I think I prefer my fried koay tiau with sweet sauce - the Muar style!!! *weird*? lol
Other than the duck itself and the fried rice, another highlight on the night was the Meehon Soup with Duck and Salted Vegetables. It was super duper delicious! As mentioned earlier, the soup that came with the set is the same as the meehom soup. BUT....BUT...BUT!!!!!!!! The bowl that we ordered seperately was totally different from the complimentary ones! By adding in the duck meat (lots and lots of meat....) into the soup, it added extra flavours and brought the soup to a whole new higher level. It was more savory and tastier! I couldn't help myself but to finish my whole bowl of meehon. Mind you, I was too full to even take another bite before I tasted the meehon soup!
MY!!! ALL MY!!!!!!! *slurpssssssssssssss*
Although there were some hits and misses, it is still a good place to get some decent Peking duck. ^_^
24-1 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact Details: +60 3-2202 1588
 **Update: The restaurant has now been replaced with Beato.


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