Dao Kia @ Tropicana City Mall

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Recently a new shop was opened in Tropicana City Mall at the LG floor - Dao Kia. I am a huge fan of soy - regardless dessert or drinks! I couldn't pass-by this shop and not walk in to try it out!

Basically, they have 3 main products - Soy Milk, Soy Pudding and Soy Cakes. Me and Joe decided to tryout their Original Soy and Japanese Green Tea soy milk, and I also added one of their Crispy Peanut soy cake.

I have the Original Soy, and it was really nice. Unlike some soy milk, which there only thing you can taste is the amount of sugar they've added inside; whereas in Dao Kia , you can taste the flavor of the soy in the beverage. Joe had their Japanese Green Tea Soy Milk. I tried some of his. Apart from the soy flavor, you could actually taste the green tea in it. If there's one tiny little flaw of the shop, I wish there were different level of sweetness for me to choose from. I find it a tad too sweet for my taste.

The cake was actually a little dry, but I guess they purposely prepared it in a more healthier way. I totally love the peanuts inside the cake! They were chunky at the right size and wasn't too sweet. If I wasn't too full, I would have bought another piece of this. 
**For the pricing, kindly refer to the photos above. I tried to take the pricing as clear as possible in the photos... ^__^

A small little note, I know now is the fasting/Ramadhan month and Raya is just round the corner, you peeps must be enjoying all the buka puasa food! But don't forget to eat healthy too!!

I hope you peeps find the above picture is useful! ^_^

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