Beauty Must Have - Part I: Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara from Kiss Me

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I've decided to start a series of blogpost on my personal beauty must have - from cosmetics to skincare to haircare! I'm gonna start with my favourite mascara of all time - Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara from Kiss Me. It cost about RM45.

I've tried various famous brand of mascara, but wasn't really satisfy with anyone of them. One day, my friend recommended me to the Herione Make Long and Curl Mascara from Kiss Me. I've decided to give it a try, since I was also hunting for a good mascara. I was hooked since then! 3 factors that I'm in love with this mascara:
1) The fibers are really light, and I could hardly feel the weight on my lashes. Due to the lightness of the fiber, I could have my curl from day to night. Previously, with my old mascaras, my lashes would lose its curl after half a day. With Kiss Me, I could apply my mascara early in the morning before going to work, my lashes would still stay curly even after office hour! To add on, it doesn't give your the lashes the ugly clump!
2) It really lenghten my lashes. Not that I have really extremely short lashes, but I can really see the different in length after I've applied this. Personally, I would say, it is really really long.
3) What is the main worry for girls when we apply mascara? Bingo - Panda Eyes! That our main concern, especially you have oily eyelids like mine - it tends to get a bit more worse. I've been through "panda eyes" phase with many mascaras - even some of them claimed to be waterproof. Well, I guess they're just waterproof but not "oil-proof". My worry goes away after I've tried this mascara from Kiss Me. I wouldn't say that it doesn't smear totally. At the very least, with my oily eyelids, it really doesn't smear that much. I just need to check my mascara after lunch time, and just wipe a bit of smudges off the edge of my eyes, and I'm good to go.
When there are pros, there would have one or two cons somewhere. With this mascara, the only downside I would say is - it's kinda hard to remove with most of the eye makup remover in the market. So far, I've found 2 options:
1) Use Kiss Me mascara remover - which is a little pricy, to be frank. It come in a pen/mascara form (I stop using this, so I did not have a picture of this), and is light pink in colour. You can get this in SaSa or Watson, and when they are having promotion, you can get it in 2 in 1 - 1 mascara and 1 remover. I'll say this is quite a good deal, since the remover itself already cost as much as a mascara. **Sorry again, I can't remember the pricing. I'll do better the next time!
2) You could use Cyber Colours Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. I'm currently using this remover as I feel it is cheaper and I can use it for a longer period. If I remember correctly, it shouldn't have cost more than RM35, and you can get it from SaSa.

I got a mini size when I purchase the full size previously in SaSa. Cute!!

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