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Just when I'm trying to save some money, it has to be the very same moment that I need to get new clothings and working pants. T______T

I swear to God I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO SHOP!!!! But..... there are times that we can't fight with the human body cum natural order and just have to give in - gaining weight!! The last time this happened to me, I've gained almost 10kg, and trust me, it wasn't a pretty sight at all. Been thinking of few solutions:

1) Cut down my food intake - This is gonna be a big problem for me, as I have BIG BIG LOVE for food and due to my super duper high metabolism, I get hungry almost every 2-3 hours. So basically, I need 4-5 meals a day to "replenish" my lost energy.

2) Going to Gym or do some excersive, or whatsoever - Did that and failed greatly!! Only issue for this is, I don't like most of equipment in Gym and I only went there for the dance classes. Neither do I like jogging ><. I love swimming, but the closest pool is kinda dirty and I have tiny bits of issues sharing a pool with too many people. Fred not! I still love badminton and tennis and squash. You'll be thinking "Well... that's easy. You can find a badminton court in almost anywhere!! Problem solve!!" NOOOOOOO!!!!! I don't like open court (which means I only go to badminton courts that have been partitioned), and the nearest tennis court is quiet a distance T_T

Hence, I'm still trying to figure out what to do to stop my body from gaining too many unnessecary 'meat" at all the unwanted "spots"!!!!

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