Cubecrate July Mystery Box

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It's another mystery box from Cubecrate! Can't believe it was more than 6 months ago when I first get to know about Cubecrate. How time flies!

In conjunction with Hari Raya, Wunderbath has introduced a series of pretty-looking soaps that were inspired by this auspicious festive. All the products at Wunderbath are vegan, cruelty-free, Paraben free and hand-made in small batches. This kuih-muih soap is just too cute!

I've heard about Dirty Benefits some time ago, but never get to try them. They are an all-natural skincare brand, and are famous for their coffee scrub. Instead of the Classic Obsession Coffee Scrub, I had their Coconut Confession Coffee Scrub.

The goodness of coffee add on with the benefits of cold pressed coconut oil! I'll start using this soon once I finish up my current body scrub.

Super cute kuih lapis keychain from Minibites. They offer very unique and cute food-theme jewelries and accessories using polymer clay. A perfect gift to give someone, especially if he or she is a foodie!

Be it skincare or food, Cubecrate has been sending out amazing and interesting items in their boxes and I'm always looking forward to receiving their mystery box. To know more about Cubecrate and their updates, do drop by their website and/or follow both their Facebook and Instagram.

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