The Champ Kitchen @ Kepong (Non-Halal)

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If you love pork, then this is one post that you MUST read one!

The Champ Kitchen is a restaurant located in Jalan KIP at Kepong that specializes in pork dishes. Despite the wide varieties of food in Kepong area, The Champ Kitchen has quickly received positive feedback from the locals, and has been attracting quite a crowd to the restaurant. Thanks to OpenRice, I had the chance to try out some of the dishes from The Champ Kitchen.

The recipe has been passes down from generation to generation; and after several amendments, they successfully came out with dishes that are well-received by the locals.

One of the signature dishes in the restaurant definitely has to be their pork knuckle. Bones will be removed, and the pork knuckles will be cooked for 72 hours non-stop so that the knuckles will be able to absorb all the goodness of the gravy.

Claypot Pork Knuckle
Claypot Pork Knuckle - RM 28(Small), RM 38(Medium), RM 45(Big). Juicy and succulent pork knuckle that you wouldn't mind gaining some calories for!

Pork Knuckle Rice (RM 8)
Pork Knuckle Rice (RM 8). A good option to have if the entire knuckle is too much for you.

Pork Knuckle Slice Noodle (Dry)
Pork Knuckle Slice Noodle (Dry) - RM 10(Single Noodle), RM 12(Double Noodle).

Pork Knuckle Slice Noodle (Soup)
Pork Knuckle Slice Noodle (Soup) - RM 10(Single Noodle), RM 12(Double Noodle).

Spicy Pork Noodle (Soup)
Spicy Pork Noodle (Soup) - RM 13(Single Noodle), RM 15(Double Noodle). Something spicy for you, maybe?

Japanese Curry Pork Rice (RM 13)
Japanese Curry Pork Rice (RM 13). Aromatic spices with tender pork.

Looking for something more than pork knuckles?

Pork Hint Rice (RM 10)
Pork Hint Rice (RM 10).

Pork Hint Slice Rice
Pork Hint Slice Rice. A mixture of both pork knuckle and pork hint. =)

Pork Hint Slice Noodle (Dry)
Pork Hint Slice Noodle (Dry) - RM 10(Single Noodle), RM 12(Double Noodle).

Pork Noodle (RM 8)
Pork Noodle (RM 8). Even their simple plain noodles were flavouful and delicious. Springy noodles and crunchy pork lard was just a perfect match.

You can find 3 different types of Japanese noodles at The Champ Kitchen - Inaniwa Udon (White), Cha Soba (Green), Zaru Soba (Brown).

They serve non-pork dishes too.

Japanese Slow Braised Beef Brisket (RM 20)
Tender beef were perfect to have ANYTIME!!!

Slow Braised Beef Brisket with Rice (RM 15)
The tender brisket in the Slow Braised Beef Brisket with Rice (RM 15) was pretty addictive, I would say.

Forever Young (RM 38)
Forever Young (RM 38) was a flavourful herbal soup with black chicken feet, fish maw, and mushroom boiled together inside coconut shell. It was aromatic and had a hint of sweetness.

Hong Kong Century Egg Cold Tofu (RM 12)
The Hong Kong Century Egg Cold Tofu (RM 12) was a simple dish, but the silky tofu and spiciness from the chili was very appetizing.

Grilled NZ Lamb Belly with Szechuan Pepper (RM 18)
The Grilled NZ Lamb Belly with Szechuan Pepper (RM 18) was fork-tender and the lamb wasn't gamey at all.

Grilled Horse Mackerel with Szechuan Pepper Sauce (RM 15)
The fish was fresh and cooked till perfection.

Pork Neck Skewers (RM 9 for 2 sticks)
The juicy Pork Neck Skewers (RM 9 for 2 sticks) were well-seasoned.

Dang Gui Salted Chicken
Dang Gui Salted Chicken - RM 18(Half), RM 33(Whole). An extremely flavourful chicken. The meat was really smooth.

Minced Meat Tofu with Salted Fish (RM 12)
A great dish to pair with rice. We couldn't stop ourselves from scooping out every single bit of it from the bowl.

Hot & Sour Mustard (RM 12)
The sourness and slight spiciness in the Hot & Sour Mustard (RM 12) would definitely awaken your taste buds!

Minced Meat Omelette (RM 10)
Fluffy omelette stuffed with juicy minced meat.

Fish Seed Bricks (RM 8)
The crunchy texture of the Fish Seed Bricks (RM 8) was much needed to have for a meal that's full of meat.

Soup of the Day (RM 8)
Do check with the staffs on their Soup of the Day (RM 8).

Glutinous Rice (RM 6)
A simple yet flavourful Glutinous Rice (RM 6).

Slow Braised NZ Lamb Belly with Foo Chuk & Fermented Beancurd Sauce (RM 38)
Same tender lamb belly but this has thicker gravy, which was perfect to pair with a bowl of rice.

Wanton Soup (RM 20 - 8 pcs)
The Wanton Soup (RM 20) comes in 8 wantons of well-seasoned minced meat wrapped in thin wanton skin.

Fried Man Tao Bun (RM 3 - 2 pcs)
Perfectly Fried Man Tao Bun (RM 3 - 2pcs) wasn't greasy, and perfect to wipe up all the flavourful gravy from the dishes.

Perfect runny egg yolk that would paired well with any soup dishes!

Pickled Vegetables (RM 3)
Mui Choy (RM 3)
Ice Cream (RM 5/each)
Dessert time!!! Green Tea Ice Cream (left) and Sea Salt Ice Cream (right).

How about some unique Truffle Bacon Ice Cream (RM 16)? The strong truffle scent might not be the cup of tea for everyone.

All of us left the restaurant feeling satisfied and extremely happy with the food. Apart from the location might be a little bit too far for some; otherwise, it's a restaurant worth visiting.

Address: 19, Jalan KIP 1, Taman Perindustrian KIP, Kepong 52200, Kuala Lumpur
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday (11.30am to 8.30pm)
                               Sunday & Public Holiday (10.30am to 8pm)
Contact: +603 275 1919

For more information:


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