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Sushi lovers! It's time to try some innovative sushi roll other than the ones you find on the conveyor belt.
Perhaps you heard about Okonomi before this, but let me give you a brief introduction just in case you are not too sure who are they. Okonomi has been in the market for about 6 months now and they have received a lot of positive reviews on social media. They served mainly Japanese fusion highlighting in customized Maki rolls. This means you can customized your very own sushi roll. Hence, the slogan - What's Your Roll? You can choose from 40 different fillings, 20 different sauce and dressings, and 16 different toppings to create your preferred Maki roll.

The moment you step in to the restaurant, you'll walk pass the "kitchen" area which has an open-concept, and you can see the ingredients displays by the window. It's always good to know how fresh your ingredients, isn't it so?

Thanks to Foodink, we were invited to a food review at Okonomi over the weekend to try out some of their new dishes.

Caesar Salad Roll (RM 19.90)
Never thought a salad could be presented in sushi roll form, until I had the Caesar Salad Roll (RM 19.90) from Okonomi. It's a uramaki of white rice wrapped soy wrap, chicken karaage, crispy coral lettuce, boiled egg with croutons and grated parmesan on top and cheddar mayo at the side. With the chicken karaage and croutons, this is one sushi roll that's full with crunchy texture!
Crunchy Crab (RM 26.90)
The Crunchy Crab (RM 26.90) is another uramaki of Hokkaido crab meat, soft shell crab, carrot, tempura crunch wrapped in white rice and seaweed with togarashi and cheddar salad dressing. The sushi roll has a slight heat due to the togarashi, which is red chili peppers. The soft shell crab was also nicely fried and not oily at all.

Mango Prawn Salad (RM 20.90)
The Mango Prawn Salad (RM 20.90) is a bowl of succulent prawns, mangoes and Japanese cucumber topped with tobiko and mango salad dressing served over mixed greens and cherry tomatoes. The mildly sweet salad is very refreshing and perfect as an appetizer.

Ebi Fry (RM 15.90)
Fan of fried food? Try the deep fried succulent breaded prawns of Ebi Fry (RM 15.90). Worry the dish might be too heavy? Few drops of the tangy lemon juice would do the trick!

Tempura Squid (RM 25.90)
The tempura battered deep fried crispy squid slices of Tempura Squid (RM 25.90) would be best to be consumed as soon as it has been served. After, fried food always taste better when they are hot.

Prawn Kakiage (RM 18.90)
Need some rice to fill your stomach? They have the Prawn Kakiage (RM 18.90), which is deep fried tempura battered prawns with a teriyaki glaze, carrots and onions garnished with spring onions served over white rice.

Unagi Pasta (RM 32.90)
Apart from rice, they have pasta options such as the Unagi Pasta (RM 32.90) - freshly grilled unagi served with a teriyaki glaze. The unagi was well-prepared but it tends to get slightly fishy when the dish turns cold. So, eat up while its hot! Also, the pasta itself doesn't have much flavours to it, and it's best to go with the unagi.

Chicken Gratin (RM 18.90)
The Chicken Gratin (RM 18.90) is a generous portion of juicy chicken with assorted mushrooms in rich cream sauce. Squeeze in some lemon juice to add that bit of zesty flavours to the dish.
Customized Sushi Roll
We had the chance to customize our own sushi roll. Unintentionally, we chose some "unique" ingredients that don't seems to work but ended up tasted pretty good. So, what did we choose? White rice, soy wrap, unagi, fried prawn, alfafa, strawberries, chili padi, spicy mayo and some others.

Since it's a Japanese restaurant, we can't leave the place without trying their green tea or matcha.

Matcha Azuki Shiratama Latte (RM 14.90)
The Matcha Azuki Shiratama Latte (RM 14.90) is a creamy matcha with slight sweetness from the red bean paste.

Matcha Latte Float (RM 12.90)
Want the creaminess but not a fan of red bean paste? Go for the Matcha Latte Float (RM 12.90) then. You'll get the sweet and creamy texture from the ice cream on top.

Iced Matcha
Hot Matcha Latte
The Iced Matcha and Hot Matcha Latte would probably be a good choice for those who prefer a straight-up matcha drink.

Azuki Latte with Whipped Cream and Caramel Syrup (RM 10.90)
Love your red bean and have a sweet tooth? Try the Azuki Latte with Whipped Cream and Caramel Syrup (RM 10.90).

Chocolate Parfait (RM 16.90)
Seeing the gorgeous layer of the Chocolate Parfait (RM 16.90), there's no way I could resist this dessert! The oh-so-tempting parfait is made up of cookies with Belgian chocolate syrup topped with soft serve vanilla ice cream, a layer of corn flakes, garnished with chocolate ice cream, fresh strawberries, diced brownies, dark chocolate bamboo stick and whipped cream all drizzled with Belgian chocolate syrup. This would have been a perfect dessert if the ice cream was creamy enough.

Matcha Lava Cake (RM 16.90)

Dessert lovers, rejoice! The Matcha Lava Cake (RM 16.90) is a sweet matcha white-chocolate cake filled with delicious matcha chocolate molten lava served with vanilla ice cream, matcha chocolate sticks and fresh strawberries drizzled with powdered sugar.

Chocolate Lava Cake (RM 14.90)
Not a matcha lover? The Chocolate Lava Cake (RM 14.90) was as good too. Belgian chocolate syrup topped on a rich chocolate cake featuring a warm chocolate molten lava center served with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sticks and fresh strawberries coated with powdered sugar.

The lava cake would take about 15 minutes of preparation time, so please be patience with the chef.

Regardless the standard dishes on the menu or the omakase-style sushi roll by the patrons, the food in Okonomi is not only pleasant to the stomach but also to the eye and phone too. How creative are you in customizing your own sushi roll? Drop by Okonomi and find out What's Your Roll!

Address: A4-G2-02 Solaris Dutamas, No 1 Jalan Dutamas, Publika, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours: Tuesday - Sunday (11am - 11pm), Monday CLOSED
Contact: +6012 662 9041
For more information:

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