[Food] D'King Vegetarian Snow Skin Musang King Durian Mooncake

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Mid-autumn festival is just around the corner. I used to have tons of fun celebrating this meaningful festive season with lanterns and mooncakes. My brother and I would light up a lot of lanterns and hanged them around the house, while the rest of the family members gather around to chit-chat.

The other "must have" in celebrating the mid-autumn festival is the mooncake. Mooncake used to be the simple lotus paste with or without salted egg yolk; but as time goes by, we have more and more varieties in the market.

This year, apart from the usual mooncake, I'm very happy to celebrate this festive season with my family with D'King Vegetarian Snow Skin Musang King Durian Mooncake!

D'King is a mooncake branch of Duricious Sdn Bhd, which is a durian food specialist since 2010. The company's products ranges from durian skin, durian pancake, durian paste, and mooncake which are sold in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. The D24 durian mooncake were so well received last year, and D'King decided to introduce vegetarian snow skin Musang King durian mooncake, which are handmade and does not contain preservatives and artificial flavouring.

These mouthwatering mooncakes were made from the highest grade Musang King durians sourced from Pahang. We all know that Pahang produce some of the best durian in the country. D'King is determine to provide the best to their customer and they use actual durian flesh as the mooncake filling.

I could smell the durian the second I tore open the packaging. This is a good sign! My family and I couldn't wait to cut into the pretty mooncake and have a taste of that creamy durian fillings.

The snow skin is very delicate, light-textured yet uniquely bouncy. The skin is thin but strong enough to hold all the fillings in it. Compare to the light-textured skin, the Musang King filling was smooth, creamy with a satisfying strong durian scent and flavours that melts in the mouth. This is definitely one of the best snow skin mooncake I've ever had!

The mooncakes came in a poly foam box with 4 pieces and an ice gel in it. It's not just to be shared with family members, but also a perfect gift for corporate clients and friends.

D'King vegetarian snow skin Musang King durian mooncake is sold in sets of eight 60gm mooncakes at RM128 per set, but they have a promotion price of RM98 per set. Delivery is FREE if purchase 2 more and above. To place your order, please whatsapp 012-664 8797 with the following format: <Name><Address><No of Sets><Delivery Date>.

Hurry! Last order is only until 25th September 2015!
I would love to end my post by wishing all of you a Blessed Mid-Autumn Festival!
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