Havaianas Summer Kit: Vintage-licious!

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I always have a thing for vintage design - from paintings to fashion to accessories! So, you could imagine how excited I am now.... since I've found out that Havaianas has step back to the '60's, through their very limited edition Collectibles Summer Kit! And.....their are featuring pin-up illustrations by world-renowned illustrator Gil Elvgren! A little introduction on our artist -

" a classical American illustrator. He was a master of portraying the all-American ideal feminine. The women Elvgren painted were never the femme fatale, the female adventuress, or somebody's mistress. They are the girl next door whose charms are innocently revealed in that fleeting instant when she is caught unaware in what might be an embarrassing situation."

Pssttt....try to google his work, and they are pretty amazing.

Ok! I got side-tracked a little, but let's get back to Havaianas and their summer kit!

Look! Ain't they gorgeous?! Totally brought us back to our parents era, where you could admire these posters while Elvis Presley playing at the background....

The Butterfly Project and Havaianas is kicking off a Cinderella hunt by giving out these limited edition premium artist flip flop along with vintage pin-up illustration and a matching towel, and all you have to do is to do the following:

1) Blog about Havaianas Summer Kit
2) Why you want the it!
3) Mention you shoe size

Easy huh! Oh ya...it almost slipped my mind, they are ONLY 20 pairs of these beauties in Malaysia AND they are NOT FOR SALE!!!! So, what are you waiting for? I know for sure that I want to own one of these babies!

I absolutely love love love love Havaianas and it will be a dream come true for me to own one of their limited edition premium artist flip flop along with a vintage pin-up illustration and a matching towel! I might just wear these babies, admiring the pin-up illustration and play some Elvis Presley at the background...and imagine that I've traveled to the past into the good-old '60's! 

So, keeping my fingers very very cross... I'm hoping that I'll receive a size 5 flip flop at my doorstep!!!!!!!

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