BookUp - Your One Stop Solution for Cheaper Books!

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We all know how expensive it is to purchase textbook, especially when buying brand new ones. So what would you say, if I tell you now there's an alternative to purchase textbooks which is cheaper and easier? I was being introduced to BookUp, and the concept of this website. What's BookUp? It is an online bookstore that sells secondhand/used books.Their textbooks are typically cheaper than new retail textbooks by 50% or more.

BookUp was started up by Mike Chu, who understands that one of the main issues many students are facing is the high prices of textbooks. With everything increasing in the recent times, the burden of paying for textbooks are also affecting the parents too, especially when they are trying to support their children throughout the education. It is a very simple process to make purchases from BookUp. Just checkout here for the step by step guide.

Apart from buying, you can actually sell your books through BookUp too! Ain't that cool? Save money and make some money AT THE SAME TIME!

By having this platform, it does not only ease up in the financial way, but also benefits the environment. Instead of photocopying books and wasting paper, we could actually save some trees being cut down - as we are now recycling the books.

Hang on! If you think they only have textbooks, then you are very wrong! You could find varieties of books from cookbook to fiction and non-fiction; from English to Malay and Chinese books! What are you waiting for? Checkout the website!

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