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Over the weekend, my family and I decided to celebrate my dad's belated birthday at Fong Lye Restaurant at Sri Hartamas. I knew the place is going to be crowded - and I was correct! So I went and made a reservation for us.

Look! The menu is so so so so cute! LOL

While waiting for our dishes to be served, the waitress came with a tray of 4 options for us to choose for our appetizer. We've chosen the Fried Tofu in Thai Sauce and Deep Fried Shrimp with Salt and Pepper.

Deep Fried Shrimp with Salt and Pepper (RM 4.00)

The shrimps were fried to crisps yet not greasy. They were flavourful from the salt and pepper seasoning.

Fried Tofu in Thai Sauce (RM 4.00)
This is my favourite, between the 2 appetizers that we've chosen. The sauce was sweet and tangy; and it totally awaken my taste buds for the following dishes.
Tea (RM2.50/pax) was served while waiting for the dishes too, and I must say, the tea cups were so cute!
My stomach was growling while waiting for my food, and finally!!
三杯鸡 @ Stewed Chicked with rice wine, soy sauce and sesame oil

The very first dish we ordred - 三杯鸡 @ Stewed Chicked with Rice Wine, Soy Sauce and Sesame Oil (RM 38.00 - Medium Size). The chicken was so tender and it fell off the bone easily. The gravy was super flavourful - the fragrance of the rice wine and sesame oil along with the pleasant bitterness of the dark soya sauce - this dish just kept us going. The chicken made me consume extra rice that night. I couldn't help it, too delicious! LOL!!
Sliced Beef with Spicy Sauce
I'm glad that we ordered this - Sliced Beef with Spicy Sauce (RM 19 - Medium Size). The beef were thinly slice, though it is not super tender, but it has a bite to it and was a pleasant one. The sauce wasn't too spicy as my mom couldn't take spicy food, so we requested to make it mild. Even so, it was still delicious, from the chili and garlic in the sauce. Another dish that made me consume extra rice!
Claypot Brinjal with Minced Meat (RM 15.00)

The brinjals were soft and flavourful. It was kinda chunky in size, but this gives a satisfying bite to it.
Deep Fried Intestines

I wasn't really a fan of their Deep Fried Pig Intestines (RM 18.00). The intestines were tasteless by its own, and you'd have to dip it with the pepper salt provided at the side. However, I must say, they were fried to crispy and really made an excellent choice to pair with some chilled beer.
Cold Sour Plum Drink
At the end of the meal, we were being offered Cold Sour Plum Drink. It was served in a cute little glass. The sweet and sour of the drink definitely made our meal complete. Our bill of the night came to a total of RM 132.35 for 4 pax with 4 dishes. Expensive? Some might say yes, but I'd say it is worth the money.
Address: No 9, GF, Plaza Prismaville, Jalan 19/70, Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: +603-6201-7998

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