AXA AFFIN - A Cancer Outreach Campaign with National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM)

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With the busy lifestyle that we are having nowadays, it is getting much harder for us to really take care of our health.  Someone I know has been diagnosed with cancer some time ago, but thankfully, it was at a very initial stage and nothing serious. However, this really got me thinking – this is one of the kind illness that hits you without giving any notice or warning at all; but when they hit, it might be too late for some. This is not only about their health we are talking but beyond. These patients are being affected financially and eventually they might be facing mental distress too. It is an on-going process for these patients to seek treatment, and all these require money. 

AXA AFFIN is working in collaboration with National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) to support cancer patients, who are currently undergoing chemotherapy. NCSM is located in Tung Shin Hospital in Jalan Pudu, and the settings in NCSM grants optimum comfort where patients can tender care under the scrutiny of experience nurses. I’m glad that I could contribute to this good cause in a very small way – by linking this post of mine to their 110CancerCare website, I’ll be giving a cancer patient one-day funding for his/her daycare usage at NCSM Treatment Centre. 

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