MooGoo Love: Milky Wash

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In one my of previous beauty post, I've mentioned that I've hopelessly fallen in love with MooGoo products. I'm going to talk about another product of this amazing brand in this post - Milky Wash. I've always shy away from using milk cleanser because they tend to cause further breakouts to my skin. Hence, I've been using gel cleansers from REN. Although it's really a good cleanser but I'm still wanting a milk cleanser for double cleanse purpose. After seeing the result of other MooGoo products, I've decided to give their milk cleanser a try.


It is kinda watery for a milk cleanser. Personally, I would say 2-3 pumps of roughly a 20cents-coin-size would be sufficient to cleanse the whole face. Compare to some cleansers out in the market, it doesn't have a very fragrance smell (I'm so sooooooo glad it doesn't have...I totally hated it!), but a very mild milky scent (personally I think so... ^_^ ). 2 things made me a loyal fan to this milk cleanser:
1) My face looks so much clearer and fairier everytime after I cleanse my face, and I love how my skin brightens up after that.
2) It doesn't irritates my skin. I have tried milk cleanser of other brands, but at one point, it will be too rich for my skin and I'll start to have break-outs.
On top of all these, it is really a very economic cleanser - 500ml for RM59 - and this could last you for months. I have been using mine twice a day since 4-5 months ago, and I would not need to purchase another bottle for another 1-2 months, I suppose. To add on, you could also use this as a milk body wash too! Killing 2 birds in 1 stone - face and body! But I guess, the bottle would not have lasted this long if I've been using it as a body wash as well. =p

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