HK KItchen @ Tropicana City Mall

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I'm not too sure how new is this restaurant in Tropicana City Mall, at least for me, it is quite new - HK Kitchen. It is located at LG in the mall (where Churros used to be), opposite GNC and Eat 'N Run. Joe and I decided to give it a try.

The concept of the restaurant is simple Hong Kong cuisine. Though they have varieties from steamed rice to fusion macaroni, but they do not have an extesive menu.
Joe ordered their steamed rice and I had their macaroni:
Steamed Rice with Pork Ribs in Spicy Fragrant Garlic Sauce (RM 12)
One thing I must say, the actual steamed rice that came was a TOTAL different from their menu. We actually had to double check with the waiter if they have taken the wrong or served it to the wrong table. The portion is kinda small, especially if you are a guy. The rice were a tad too dry and I really hope they were abit more generous with the sauce on top of it. The sauce was not too bad - savory and a slight heat from the chilli, but I find the pork were a little tough for my liking. Overall, I would not say it's a bad dish, and I'd most probably re-visit the restaurant if I want something simple and fast.
Macaroni with Braised Minced Pork in Fresh Tomato Soup (RM 9.50)
Compared to the steamed rice, the portion of the macaroni was actually kinda big. Again, if you are a guy, you might find the portion just nice. I ordered this in a heart beat, because I fell in love with the Macaroni in beef broth from Fatspoon. I was looking forward to have that flavourful soup. Having this expectation, I was a let down a little - the soup was a but one note and it seems like is missing some flavours in it. However, the macaroni were well cooked and I love the eggs in the soup.

Iced Milk Tea (RM3.50) to go with our meal! Our total bill came to RM29.95. The pricing was average and there are some hits and missed with the food, but for a simple and quick meal, I wouldn't mind re-visiting the restaurant again.



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