Yama&J @ Jaya One - Japanese Fusion

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Finally I managed to sit myself down and finished this review on a new restaurant in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya - Yama&J. The concept of the restaurant was Japanese fusion. So, prepared to experience a twist on their Japanese cuisine.

I was undecisive when to try out their food, but when I found out that they are having 50% off on their lunch buffet, which only cost RM25++ after discount, I called up and made my reservation. +chOo uEi and I went there for our lunch break with my family, as our office is just located in Jaya One area. The waitress informed us that we could order certain dishes that was highlighted "Yellow" from their ala carte menu, as these were already included in their buffet package. I went to check out their raw bar, though they did not a wide selection, but they do have decently-sliced sashimi.

And of course, I'd never give up the chance of having some edamame!
Sashimi Martini with yuzu and wasabi sauce. It has slices of salmon and tune with ebi roll (prawn roll), and there are diced cucumber at the bottom of the glass. I like the sweet yuzu sauce with a hint of wasabi, which wasn't too over-powering.
unagi roll

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