Another "Steak" out at Jake's Charbroil Steak

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I have been craving for a good steak for months, so when my brother suggested that we bring our cousin sister to Jake's, I happily agreed! It was raining heavily (or scarily, due to the thunder and lightning...), but it did not stop me from braving myself to the restaurant. A girl will do almost anything for her steak! LOL!!! =p

I've posted obout this place previously but did not get much of the pictures back then. So, this post will mostly consist of pictures.

pick your cut peeps ^^
waiting patiently *ehem* for my escargot
For starter, we were torn between escargot and oxtail soup. At last, we ended up with their Baked Escargot with Herbs and Garlic .
I've tried very hard to take some nice pictures of the snail, but I must say, it really is super difficult to take them! I strongly believe this is due to my poor photography skill. =p
We've also ordered their Beef Nachos for our second starter. The nachos was quite good, but I think the cillies by the side will be too spicy for some. Also, the cillies kinda reminded me of the sambal in nasi lemak. But, the cheese on top of the nachos was really gooey-ly good!
Beef Nachos
After the starter, I couldn't wait for them to serve my main course - Steak, of course!! As usual, I love my steak to be done medium rare. I've been disappointed way too many times when ordering steak elsewhere. Once I hurt the root of my teeth due to excessive chewing on the cupboard-tough steak, and that really freaked me out till I did not have any steak for quite a long time. There was a time when I cut into the meat, the blood just kept flowing out, and my steak was kinda soaked in a bloody gravy. The steak was either still rare or the chef just did not let it rest enough.
Finally, they served the steak. I was practiclly drooling on the meat when the waiter brought them over to our table. After sprinkled some freshly grind black pepper, I eargerly cut into my 200gm Aged Tenderloin done medium rare. There, in the middle, is the lovely pinkish color meat. Ahhhh~~~~~ that's one of a few heavenly sight for me. My steak was perfectly done will medium rare and was tender. The baked potato by the side was nice too, with sour cream and grounded beef bacon.
Perfect medium rare ^^
My brother order the same cut as me, but his was cooked till medium. My cousin sister order a 650gm T-Bone well done. It was huge when they served the T-bone.
650gm T-Bone
To complete our meal, we ordered Nut Brittle as our dessert. I'm not a big fan of caremel so the dessert was ok for me, but both my brother and cousin sister love it.
There it was, my lovely and satisfying Thursday rainy night! ^^

P/S: "MR" = Medium Rare ........... or...... "Mr." (hm...wonder was it a male cow on my plate =p )
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