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Once upon a time, people have trust in each other; care for each other. Unfortunately, all these has changed drastically. It has happened in many countries in the world, and now it's happening in our very own land - Malaysia.

Recently, whenever I check my Facebook, with no surprises I'll read news about someone got mugged or robbed. These crimes have been around for ages, however, what is going on now is more than just a crime. It looks more like an organize crime. From carpark inside the malls to outside the malls, and now... It had escalated to taking place OUTSIDE of the victim's house.

We have been educated since young to lend a helping hand to the poor and needy. However, people has abuse this kindness, and take advantage on it by conning and snatching and robbing and other what nots. Those were the good old days where you will just give someone a lift without thinking twice because their destination is just around the corner; those were the days where you will stop and help out someone who seems lost and asking for directions.

Worst of all, even people don't feel save while driving in their car. No more the luxury of enjoying the music or songs while driving and relax; but we have to put our guard up every second and every minute. Worry that someone will just drive through on a bike and smash the mirror, in order to snatch whatever they can grab from the car.

I've heard many statements saying that people nowadays are cold and don't bother. Are we really that cold blooded inside? Are we really that heartless and emotionless, so far so that we don't care about the others around us? Or are we just too scared of what might happened to us, if we have mistakenly help out the so-called-helpless-looking people? Where are the trust that GOD has gave us as a gift? Where is the ability of us to feel sympathy and empathy to the less fortunates?

I've always believe the one thing that separate us from animals are, human ability of being able to sympathize and able to differentiate right from wrong. Unfortunately, with he recent events taking place, almost on a daily basis, I shall say that the little faith that I have in mankind is drifting away.

The final debating question is, are we, the human being, really that bad to the core?

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These are a few cases that has happened recently! There are many many many many countless more cases, in fact!

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