Red Meat Delicacies - Jake's Charbroil Steaks

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Been ages since I've updated my blog..laziness...omg!!!! LOL!!! Been having some nice eating out for the past few weeks, from Western to Korean to Thai BBQ. One of the things that can really cheer me up is FOOD!!! Lots of lots of nice food!!

One of my "most satisfying" eat out was going to Jake's Charbroil Steaks at Medan Damansara, very near to Bangsar.

Jake's is so far my the most favourite steakhouse. Been there a few times and never once they failed my in my all time favourite - Medium Rare Steak!!!

Lobster Bisque garnished with Caviar
We started the dinner with a bowl of lobster bisque.I am a soup person, be it creamy-type or not! I've tried their Oxtail Soup previously and that was delicious. So, this time round, decided to just ask for their soup of the day and give it a try. In short -  I LOVE IT!!! The sweetnest of the lobster and the creamy of the soup, just made me want to have few more bowls!!!

I had their tenderloin cook to medium rare. I always like my steak to be nothing more then medium rare, and the juicy blood oozing out from the meat, the moment I slice it up! Yummy!!! Too bad I do not have a clear picture of my steak. Only if I have a clear picture to show you guys how pink/red inside of the meat was. Many people will have the impression that raw or almost-raw meat are hard to cut and chew. I've tried steak in many different restuarant, and always order them to medium rare. I believe whether the steak are tender to bite into or not, it all depends on the chef - did they choose the right meat? Is the meat itself already too old? Is the meat the right cut to be served rare or medium rare? Did the chef slice the meat correctly? All these are few of the factors that contribute to a soft and tender piece of meat.

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