Wood & Wheat @ Tropicana Avenue: Wood-Fired Asian Fusion Pizza

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There is no doubt that pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world. Whether it's a pot-luck, house warming or a get-together event, pizza will always be a default go-to on the menu. Pizza is so versatile you could hardly go wrong with any toppings. Over the years, we've seen some quite crazy-flavoured pizzas such as the Durian Pizza, but one new player in Tropicana Avenue decided to take it to another level!

Wood & Wheat is a new player in the F&B scene in Tropicana Avenue. Owned by the same mind that started Good Blue Men, Wood & Wheat is here to bring wood-fired pizzas in Asian flavours.

Sitting in between Subway and Burger King, Wood & Wheat is a 2-storey pizza joint, where you'll be greeted with a kitchen of staff stretching pizza dough and putting them into a brick oven. Inspired by Asian flavours, Wood & Wheat has put a good twist of Asian twist into their pizzas - from Chinese Kam Heong to mamak Pasembur.

Kam Heong Royale (RM 38). One of my favourite pizzas at Wood & Wheat. Thin-crusted pizza topped with kam heong sauce and chicken bits that are beautifully spiced with 13 different types of herbs and spices.

Ever bite is just an explosion of flavours. On other hand, the Kam Heong Royale might be too spicy for you, if you have low tolerance in spicy food.

One other way to experience the pizzas at Wood & Wheat is to have it in Half Half (RM 42).

Fiery Masala (Left) | Rendang-Licious (Right). Fans of spices, these 2 flavours are not-to-be-missed.

The Fiery Masala hits all the right notes of a good masala dish with tender lamb slices.

Topped with beef meatballs, onions, chillies and homemade rendang sauce, the Rendang-Licious is another must-try for any true Malaysians.

The Pasembur (Left) | Thairiffic Tom Yum (Right).

The other favourite of mine at Wood & Wheat is The Pasembur. Generously topped with fried beancurds, papadom, shredded carrots, the slightly sweet Pasembur sauce goes very well with the doughy base of the pizza.

Thairiffic Tom Yum - the all-time favourite of Thai and a good choice for a not-so-spicy option, but still have a good amount of kick in the spices.

Tastebud Refresher (RM 4). Cleanse your palate with some refreshing crunchy cucumber before moving on to your next slice of pizza.

Ryan's  Nachos (RM 9). Thin and crunchy nachos served with creamy dipping sauce. These babies can be quite addictive.

Zesty Chicken Finger (RM 12) with garlic lemon sauce.

Minty Lemonade (RM 11) | Candy Lime (RM 11). A cup of cold and fizzy soda is just what you need to wash down the flavourful pizzas.

Keeping authenticity is important but is not a bad idea to throw in some creative twist once in a while too, especially when the outcome is finger-licking pizzas that are bursting with Asian flavours. The pizzas are carefully hand-stretched and put into a brick oven, which gives the dough a nice chewy texture with crispy edges.

On top of their Asian flavours, you can find your everyday Triple Cheese and Boring Margherita on their menu too. To keep their pizzas exciting, Wood & Wheat will be collaborating with different brand every month to create new and exciting pizzas flavours! A little birdie told us they are collaborating with Beard Brothers' BBQ in Tropicana Avenue, and it's no secret that Beard Brothers' BBQ serves one of the best barbecue in town!!!

To know more updates on Wood & Wheat, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Address: P-G-29, Tropicana Avenue, Persiaran Tropicana, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operation Hours: 12pm - 4pm, 6pm  - 10pm (Tuesday - Friday) | 12pm - 10pm (Saturday & Sunday) | Monday CLOSED
Contact: +603 7886 0173

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