Freaking Wholesome @ Bangsar South: Delicious Hand-crafted Raw & Vegan Treats!

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Living in a fast-paced, fast-changing time, we constantly find ourselves trying to keep up. Thank God the society is getting more health-conscious - keeping a healthy & active lifestyle, as well as having a healthier diet.

Speaking of diet, we can easily get healthy salad and mains, but what about desserts and sweet treats? Dessert doesn't only complete a meal, but many opt for desserts when they are feeling down or want to cheer themselves up. If you are a fan of sweet treats but also concern over your diet, then you really should check out Freaking Wholesome!

Founded by Ee Lin, Freaking Wholesome is an online dessert shop that offers handcrafts, unconventional, raw treats. After coming back from Bermuda, she realized there aren't many desserts shops for health-conscious eaters, vegans or people who are lactose intolerant. Hence, she started experimenting some desserts in her kitchen that are free from dairy, eggs, refined sugar, artificial colouring and preservative.

I like how they have kept their cakes simple and with lots of natural ingredients such as raw nuts, seeds, fruits and organic rice malt syrup.

Let's start with some cupcakes!

Assorted Mini Raw Cupcakes (RM 55). There are 8 cupcakes in a box. All of them look so pretty with the glossy frostings. Usually I'll just scrap away the frostings and whipped cream, but since these are made with natural ingredients such as nuts, coconut cream, date syrup and organic rice syrup, I figured I'd give these babies a try.

Coffee Caramel. Each mouthful is a bursting of intense coffee aroma and perfectly balanced with the sweetness from the caramel.

Triple Chocolate (Left) | Coco Pineapple (Right). Chocolate lovers, no more feeling guilty from this creamy, chocolatey semi-sweet Triple Chocolate cupcake! On a lighter note, the Coco Pineapple is pretty refreshing and I like the tropical touch of the coconut flavours.

Strawberry Beet. One of my favourite from the treats of Freaking Wholesome. It tasted much lighter than the chocolate cupcakes; and if you are not really a fan of chocolate, this might be your choice.

Assorted Wholesome Bars (RM 55). 6 wholesome bars with 3 different flavours.

Orange Cranberry. Chocolate, orange and cranberry is really a match-make in heaven. The rich chocolate goes perfectly well with the zesty orange, tanginess of the cranberries.

Peanutty Nougat a.k.a Snickers (Left) | Sea Salted Caramel (Right). I'm not a big fan of chocolate, but peanut and chocolate is one of my favourite combinations. You can never go wrong with nuttiness of the peanuts and chocolate. On the other hand, the hint of sea salt in the Sea Salted Caramel added a nice savoury touch to the dessert.

Assorted Petite Cakes (RM 55). These petite cakes are really pretty and the colours are just vibrant!

Classic Chocolate. Nothing beats a classic chocolate that is moist and rich.

Lemon Drop. Tangy, zesty and lemony - everything you like in a lemon cake.

Turkish Delight. Unlike the usual Turkish Delight that are too sugary, Freaking Wholesome's version of Turkish Delight is truly a delight - not too sweet, yet it has a pleasant hint of rose and nutty pistachio.

Matcha. Last but not least, the all-time favourite - Matcha.

Overall, desserts and sweet treats from Freaking Wholesome are really deliciously awesome. A perfect choice to satisfy your dessert cravings while not compromising your healthy diet. There are a few things to be noted though, since these are made from raw ingredients, the textures are not as smooth as your conventional desserts and cakes. It has more bite and you'll find the base is slightly coarse. Apart from these treats, Freaking Wholesome offers whole cake options too!

These raw desserts are best to be eaten chilled and can be stored in fridge for 3 days as they are made with natural ingredients and free from preservative. Freaking Wholesome doesn't have a physical store, but you can purchase their cakes online. For Assorted Mini Raw Cupcakes and Assorted Wholesome Bars require 2 days lead time, while Assorted Petite Cakes and whole cake requires 3 days lead time. Freaking Wholesome delivers throughout Klang Valley and their delivery fees varies depending on location.

To order your sweet treats or know more about Freaking Wholesome, check out their Facebook and Instagram or contact them at +6017 6809926.

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