The 4 Makeup Items You Should Walk With For A Fresh Face All Day

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Sometimes a long day with multiple stops is just something that can't be avoided. Whether it's a party, function or hot date after work, you may not have enough time to go home, remove your makeup and start all over again.

Thankfully, refreshing your makeup doesn't have to be an onerous task if you walk with just the right tools. You can knock down shine, brighten your smile and look more put together, refreshed, and wide-eyed by walking with just a few items from your entire arsenal:

- Lipstick
- Blotting paper
- Compact powder
- Concealer

1. Lipstick

A little lip colour goes a long way in helping you look more youthful, put together, and healthy. Instead of a hoard of lip glosses, balms, stains, and sticks, consider finding one (or two) that gives you the longest lasting colour and walk with it because at the end of the day, you will surely want to touch up or even change your lip colour before moving to your next outing.

Pro Tip: Go with lippies that offer moisturizing properties that can help keep your lips looking healthier as well. Healthy, supple lips make it easier to apply lipstick evenly and can also help it last longer.

2. Blotting Paper

Walking with blotting paper is especially suggested for individuals with oily skin. When refreshing your look, one of the first thing you should do is remove excess oil by dabbing (not wiping) the areas where oils shows up on your face.

3. Compact Powder

After blotting away excess oil, you can use your compact powder to reduce oil further to restore that matte look, even out your skin tone and protect your skin from sun damage. Furthermore, most pressed powder tools include a mirror so you can check your makeup no matter where you are. If things tend to get bumped around in your purse, you might consider putting your compact in a ziploc baggie to reduce the risk of spills should the pressed powder disc become damaged.

4. Concealer

Keeping a good concealer on hand is like walking with a magic wand for any noticeable blemishes you may have. Whether you've had a small pimple for the past few days or one that popped up over the past few hours, your concealer can help to cover it, as well as dark circles, minor scars or a long list of other things you may see as imperfections.

Thankfully, concealers are relatively inexpensive so you can buy two (one for home and one for your purse) without breaking the bank. Concealers are also incredibly versatile and  may be used for other purposes such as contouring and highlighting.

Makeup doesn't last forever. Even the most beat face will begin to show signs of wear as the day progresses; so if you plan to be out for an extended period or attend multiple events, you should walk with these 4 makeup items to ensure that you look your best, for longer.

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