Row Six @ Setia City Mall: Reminiscing the Unique Nanyang Experience

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Asia is the largest and most populous continent, and with its diversity is what drawn people from other continents to this part of the world. Being a massive continent, Asia has lots to offer and Southeast Asia is one of the many regions where travelers love to explore not just the colourful cultures, but also its delicacies.

Like me, if you enjoy exploring food from different cultures, then Row Six is probably a place that you want to drop by. With delicacies of different countries in Southeast Asia, Row Six is a reminiscent of "Nanyang" experience. You get to enjoy the tender Malaysian-style Satay, aromatic bowl of Pho, spicy yet satisfying Tomyam, while sipping on a glass of rich and aromatic Vietnamese coffee. To ensure everyone get to enjoy the authentic flavours of each cuisine, Row Six vigilantly prepared their food, even to the extent of making their own broth.

Chicken Satay (RM 16.95 - 6 sticks). When it comes to satay, I am really very picky. Most of the time, either the meat isn't well-marinated or it is too tough. The satay at Row Six hits all the right notes for me. The meat is well-marinated and very tender; and the nutty flavour of the peanut sauce is just perfect.

Oriental Taste Baguette (RM 15.99). Introduced by French during the colonial period, this traditional Vietnamese food is now one of the most popular sandwiches in the world. Unlike the traditional baguette, this has a thinner and airier crust with mango slice, chicken ham, pineapple slice with lime chili sauce, Chinese parsley and mixed veges. Not only the sweetness of the mango and pineapple work perfectly well with the saltiness of the ham, but it works as gravy to the banh mi too.

Pho (RM 21.95). Fresh rice noodles served in fragrant broth, herbs and beef slices. The broth has been simmered for 12 hours using beef bone. It is flavourful and packed with aromatics; and the beef slices were really super tender. I was quite surprised how good and comforting the bowl of Pho is.

Tomyam Goong with Rice & Satay (RM 24.95). If you love spicy food and especially tomyam, you'd definitely enjoy the Tomyam Goong. Row Six managed to strike a nice balance of aromatics in the tomyam with a hint of acidity, and spiciness that truly hits your face at the end.

It might be a tad too spicy, but I enjoyed every spoonful of it.

Nasi Ketuk with Chicken Rendang (RM 21.95). Each bite of the chicken rendang is rich, meaty and very comforting.

Nasi Ketuk with Seafood Sambal Petai (RM 25.95). If chicken rendang is not your cup of tea, try the Seafood Sambal Petai then. The mild spiciness of the sambal is very appetizing.

Vanilla Ice-cream with Tropical Fruit (RM 11.95). Cool your palate down with a bowl of icy dessert and fresh fruits.

Snow Fungus with Sea Coconut (RM 6.95). Cold desserts are not your thing? Go for the Snow Fungus with Sea Coconut then. I love the crunchiness of the snow fungus and the natural sweetness of the sea coconut. It is a very light dessert to wrap up your meal.

Mojito (RM 9.59). Lemon, peppermint, lime and lemongrass. This fizzy drink is very refreshing to have, especially to wash down all the delicious mains.

Mango Selasih with Cream (RM 11.95). Served with fresh mango cubes, this will definitely be a favourite to many mango lovers.

Tropical Thanh Long (RM 12.95). Ever wonder how would a combination of dragon fruit, banana and coconut taste like? It taste surprisingly good actually.

Vietnam Coffee - Cold (RM 6.95). One other thing that is famous in Vietnam is their coffee. Pour the hot water into the drip filter, and wait patiently for the hot water to extract all the flavours from the grounded coffee bean. The coffee is smooth, thick and aromatic yet not too sweet, despite the condensed milk in it.

Honestly speaking, I was a bit skeptical before going to Row Six, as I've been to restaurant/cafe similar to this but the food were only average. However, my thoughts definitely changed after trying out the food at Row Six. The flavours are really good, and I like how they have kept the authenticity and simplicity of the food without trying too hard to "modernize" it.

To know more updates on Row Six, check out their Website, Facebook and Instagram.

Address: L2-04/05, Setia City Mall, No.7 Persiaran Setia Dagang, Bandar Setia Alam, Seksyen U13, Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor
Operation Hours: 10am to 10pm DAILY
Contact: +603 3358 4122

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