Cubecrate October 2016 - Halloween Party in A Box!

19:27 rebecca wong 13 Comments

What would you relate to the month of October? Yep, Halloween!! And when it comes to Cubecrate mystery box, I could already foresee it's going to be a box full of awesome Halloween-related items!

These came in with my Halloween box~ ^_^

Love Is skull bubble bomb. This has to be my favourite from the October box - cute and totally Halloween-ish! All products at Love Is are handcrafted locally using the finest ingredients. Isn't it just cool to take a shower with bubble from a skull?!

Another handcrafted soap from Ilsa Soap Wagon. This is Wake Me Up and it has all my favourite ingredients in it:

1. Eucalyptus Essential Oil - heals and rejuvenates the skin
2. Peppermint Essential Oil - counter stress and mental exhaustion
3. Tea Tree Essential Oil - fight off fungi and bacteria
4. Lemon Essential Oil - good for acne and eczema, also for anti-aging

The cutest stickers from STICKWITME. Wishing if you could customize your bags, clutches or phone casing? These stickers are made for you!

Black tea from OISHI Malaysia. The tea is nicely chilling in my fridge at the moment,.... LOL!!

Want to know more about Cubecrate? Interested to subscribe their boxes? Check them out at their Website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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