Prosperity Chinese New Year with SCS Butter

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Chinese New Year is just 2 days from now, and I believe many of you are looking forward to all the cookies and scrumptious food. Apart from putting up all the decorations, my family would bake the cookies ourselves. It's a tradition to celebrate the New Year with some of our home-made cookies, which I felt were way better than the ready-made ones. How so? The secret is in the butter! We would use quality butter like SCS Butter so that the cookies will be delicious.
Since 1905, SCS Butter has become a common fixture in kitchen for many households with its creamy, rich and buttery taste. All SCS products are produced and manufactured in Australia, and its dedication to deliver uncompromised product has made their butter the number 1 trusted brand in Singapore! Apart from butter, SCS has also successfully launched a range of other dairy products such as SCS Spreadable Butter, SCS Cheese Slices and SCS Cream Cheese.

Apart from the traditional pineapple tarts, SCS has took a step further by introducing 8 newly developed pineapple tarts. The new varietals include Pineapple Cream Cheese, Pecan Pineapple, Berrylicious Pineapple, Chocolate Brownie Pineapple, Caramel Pineapple, Creamy Mango and Pineapple White Chocolate, Oatmeal Pineapple, and Green Tea Pineapple.

Creamy Mango and Pineapple White Chocolate

Green Tea Pineapple

Pineapple Cream Cheese

Oatmeal Pineapple

Pecan Pineapple

Chocolate Brownie Pineapple

Caramel Pineapple

Berrylicious Pineapple

Happy baking! Have a blessed and prosperous New Year!

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  1. The dark desire pineapple tarts look so inviting. I'll look more into this and see if I can do this with the kids.

    1. Thanks for reading ^_^
      I'm sure your kids will enjoy this