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The past week has been quite stressful for me due to audit, and I can foresee that the stress-meter is not coming down anytime soon. Although I don't do stress eating (which something I strongly against!), but I make it a point to "reward" myself once in a while and it mostly come in the form of food.

Photo source: A Pie Thing Facebook

A Pie Thing has been operating for some time, but I've never really thought of dropping by till recently when we were there to celebrate our best friend's birthday. The shop is located along LDP highway, and it's quite easy to spot. We were there early and lucky to grab a sit by the door. It was only minutes after we arrived that the crowd started to pour in and the queue was growing.
Basically, they have 2 options of pie - sweet and savoury; and you can choose what type of toppings you want for your pie.
Apple Crumble (L), The Mashacre (R)
My friends and I wanted a mixture of savoury and sweet, hence the crumble and The Mashacre.
We ordered the pulled lamb pie to go with The Mashachre (RM 16.90), which is a combination of pie + mashed potatoes + peas + gravy. The crust was crispy, the lamb was gamey and flavourful, the mashed potatoes and peas were nicely done and the gravy tied all the components together.
Apple Crumble (RM 9.90). This was my idea as I'm currently quite obsessed with either apple crumble or banana crumble, especially when they are paired with ice cream! This was another scrumptious pie, the sugary crust was crispy and the sweet vanilla ice cream balanced out the acidity of the apples in the pie.
Nutella with Ice Cream
Nutella with Ice Cream (RM 11.90). I was expecting to see the nutella spread oozing out from the pie, like a molten lava cake; sadly, this wasn't the case. Anyway, I'm neither a chocolate nor a dessert person, so I wasn't really into this pie that much.
P/S: I hope I get the price of the Nutella correct.
Overall, it was a satisfying experience at A Pie Thing. It's really difficult to find some decent pies in Klang Valley, so I think I'd definitely revisit this place again. A piece of advice, do go there earlier if you do not want to get caught in the long queue.
128G, Jalan SS 21/35
Damansara Utama
47400, Petaling Jaya
Operating Hours: Tuesday - Sunday (4pm - 11pm)
For more information:

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  1. Very nice review! Looks like a neat restaurant.

  2. The food look really delicious! Love the name of the resto too! :)

  3. This is a nice new concept for a pie! It's good that this restaurant leveled up the pie so it won't be too boring anymore. Btw, is the pie really big? Because it looks big on your photos :)

  4. This is so cool since you can choose which toppings go with your pie. You would surely like this because you have full control of the ingredients.

  5. This looks really new to me since we don't have such here - I would definitely go with the sweet one, haha!

  6. Wow, I really want to taste both the sweet and the savory version of this pie! It must be so delicious!

  7. It looks very yummy.. UGGGG.. I wish we had it here..

  8. dear beckey ice creams are very cool, I like very much this ice cream
    Happy Valentines Day 2015

  9. This is one of the unique desert restaurant I've seen. Wishing I Could visit A Pie Thing someday.

  10. You got me craving for pie so early in the morning!