PURE BEAUTY Illuminating Urban Shield: That "Shield" Against Air Pollution

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Air pollution is one of the single most toxic substances for the skin, making it almost impossible to have perfect skin especially for those living and working in city area. When the skin is exposed to free radicals in the polluted air, it becomes more susceptible to wrinkles, less hydrated, less supple and less firm. With this in mind, Pure Beauty, a leading beauty brand from Korea has created a range of skincare to combat the problem.

Pure Beauty is based on its 4Ps philosophy of "Intensive Brightening Power":

Prepare: Preparation of using the willow bark extracts to enhance healthy skin.
Preserve: Preservation where Neurolight derived from the certified Natural Star Lily, decreases dark spot.
Protect: Ceramide 123 strengthens the skin's barrier, shielding it from harmful elements in the environment.
Prevent: Prevention of the exposure to pollution with EPS White helping to reduce dark spots.

The launch took place at Common Ground at Menara World Wide. It was my first time visiting the area and I really like how bright and cosy that place is. I can totally see myself working at the space.

The place was setup beautifully with flowers, which matches perfectly with the "White Theme" of the day. If only we were at an outdoor space or garden, it would have been perfect! Nevertheless, I was super happy to be able to get away from my work for a couple of hours while spending some time with my friends.

During the event, we had a workshop by Shazreeyana Shukri demonstrating steps of using the Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield skincare range.

Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield skincare has been formulated with the latest technology to enrich the skin's natural glow, while protecting it from daily pollution. The formulation also lessens the effects of dirt and dust and invigorate the skin, giving the skin a natural, confident glow throughout the day. There a total of 5 products from the range: Serum, Capsule Essence, Water Gel, Radiance Cream and Sun Protector with SPF 50+ PA++++; and we were given to chance to try out 3 of them.

Illuminating Urban Shield Capsule Essence (RM 69.90). Formulated with Nerolight and derived from Organic Star Lily, this Capsule Essence helps to reduce dark spots and brings out a natural shine. The product contains pearlized capsules that helps to diminish uneven skin tone and illuminates your skin, giving it a smoother and brighter look.

The essence is very lightweight and has a mild scent. I like how easily it penetrates into my skin nad leaving a supple glowing finish. Apply around 2-3 pumps of the essence on perfectly cleansed face and gently message into skin. Use twice daily, in the morning and evening.

Illuminating Urban Shield Radiance Cream (RM 59.90). The radiance cream has a soft and smooth texture, and it works to brighten and nurture the skin preserving it against environmental aggressors. Over 90% of users notice their skin has gotten more radiance, feeling more supple and hydrated after using the cream.

For a cream product, it is considered pretty lightweight and is suitable to be used both day and night. However, my face can get really oily especially during the day, so I'd prefer to use it during the night either as a thin layer of moisturizer or overnight hydrating mask.

Illuminating Urban Shield Sun Protector SPF 50+ PA++++ (RM 49.90). Sunblock is one of THE MOST important skincare routine, especially when it comes to protecting the skin from harmful free radicals. Just like the rest of their Urban Shield products, the sunblock is light-weighted and doesn't leave any sticky residue after applying. Apart from shielding the skin from exposure to harmful UV rays, it keeps the skin moistened throughout the day.

Overall, the Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield is not just for those who wants a healthier, glowing and younger looking skin; but also to protect their skin from environmental stress too. The products are dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types, while the pricing are considered affordable too.

Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield range is available exclusively at all Watsons stores nationwide and at the Watsons online shop as well. Other Pure Beauty range available at Watsons Malaysia are Pure Beauty Pomegranate Urban Shield, PINK by Pure Beauty It's Pore Perfection, PINK by Pure Beauty Pink Skin.

For more information on Pure Beauty Illuminating Urban Shield or any of Pure Beauty products, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

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