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Hello, hello! I'm back with another beauty post and I would like to talk about makeup in this post!

Apart from trying out new skincare, being able to try and experiment on cosmetics are really a fun thing for me. Though I'm no expert in makeup, but I still do enjoy trying out new things and see what look or combination I could come up with. And today's review is on A:Concept - a Korean beauty brand.

It's my first time coming across this brand and I'm pretty curious over what the brand has to offer. The set comes in a black box (duh.... it's called the Black Set) and the design is very chic, I like!

The set comes with 4 products:

- All-In-One Brightening A:Cushion (comes in shade #21 Light Beige & #23 Natural Beige)
- All-In-One Brightening A:Cushion Refill
- Everything in A:Coral Lip & Cheek
- A:Red Orange Lipstick

Basically, this is THE BOX for you where you'll get all your basic makeup need.

It comes with instructions on how to assemble the set.

All-In-One Brightening A:Cushion #23 Natural Biege

First off, the A:Concept Cushion. I really like the black colour especially the puff, which is quite soft.

The shade I've gotten from Althea is #23 Natural Beige. After peeling the hygiene seal you'll get to the cushion. The cushion has SPF35, PA++, and claims to have whitening, anti-wrinkles and UV protection functions. The cushion has a very very mild scent and I like the mild cooling sensation when I applied the cushion.

Next, let's take a look at the Red Orange Lipstick and Coral Lip & Cheek.

Top: Everything in A:Coral Lip & Cheek
Bottom: A:Concept Red Orange Lipstick

Everything in A:Coral Lip & Cheek

Coral is probably the most loved colour by Asian women. On days where you want to look effortless or go for the natural look, coral gives you that little of colour yet not too loud. As the name suggested, this is a 2-in-1 product where you can apply on both lips and cheek.

I was a little worry that the colour might look to pale on me but it turned out otherwise. I like the natural colour it gives to my lips. Definitely a colour that is suitable to be worn on a daily basis.

A:Red Orange Lipstick

The lipstick has a nice blend of red and orange. The colour is really vibrant and brightens up the makeup immediately.

Personally, I don't really like colours that are too red but I like the hint of orange in this lipstick. I think this is a nice colour to wear both day and night.

I love the texture of both the lip & cheek and lipstick - creamy and glide on easily when I apply on my lips. To test out how moisture they truly are, I passed it to my mom to try it out too. She has really dry lips and always need to apply a layer of Vaseline to moist her lips before applying lipstick. After trying out the lip & cheek and lipstick from A:Concept, she really like it a lot and find them to be moisturizing enough for her dry lips.

You'll notice there's a hole at the side of the cushion casing. It is for you to insert either the lip & cheek or lipstick.

Slide your preferred lipstick into the space and you are ready to go! 

To use the lipstick, just open up the case and it will pop out automatically. This is super convenient and no longer need to bring tons of makeup along. All I need is just this one All in One Brightening A:Cushion Compact for my daily look or whenever I need to touch-up my makeup.

Once again, thanks The Butterfly Project and Althea for giving me this chance to try out A:Concept. It has been fun and interesting!

You can check out Althea to know more on A:Concept, and if you are interested to try out the products:

Make Your Concept Black Set: http://my.althea.kr/make-your-concept-black-set
For other products of A:Concept: http://my.althea.kr/brands/all/a-concept

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